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More energy, good taste
by Richard

I drink this in the morning and for the whole day I feel more energized. Of course, I've bought 4 bottles of this and drank it throughout 3 and a half weeks. The effects are showing. I have more energy in every activitiy I do, and also; I've been having less headaches!

I like it
by Kerrin

I started taking goji juice on my period....and my stomach blew up. Not a fatty kind of stomach, it just looked like I was pregnant or something. It was extreemly uncomfortable. When my period ended my stomach deflated and was FLAT. Really flat. I lost 2 pounds almost imediatly. Im pretty skinny to begin with, but this juice cleared my skin, gave me more energy....and I would recoment it to anyone who will listen. I want to try power4 next.

The Greatest thing in the world!!!!
by zeus

I felt results the 1st week of taking Goji 100...I had so much more energy than I've ever felt before taking Goji 100..I had my nails on my feet really thick & yellow for year but slowly after taking Goji 100 my nails got healthier & clear I was amazed how much better overall I feel now after 1 year of taking Goji 33 & feel like am in my 20's again!!!!

I saw the light
by Joseph Thomas

When I saw this on Nutritional Tree I was a little iffy. In the past I've seen and bought some products with big claims. I took a chance with Goji 100 and it turned out great! Before taking Goji I always felt tired and I was often grumpy. This made me healthier, more alert and awake. I would definitely buy this product again. You get what you pay for. This stuff is great!

Works Well
by Linda

I take this for my blood pressure. I have been taking it for a couple of months and my blood pressure level is wonderful. I am at a healthy level. I also take this to increase my energy. I can now jog a few miles without killing myself. I love this product and I would recommend this to anyone wanting results.

Good but too pricey
by Laura

I have not felt hunger pains since trying Goji and I am able to exercise without feeling light-headed. I would probably buy this product again, except it is expensive. I'm not sure that it is as effective as the cost would have you hope. I hope the price comes down soon.

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