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by KK

Can some please tell me are the juice suitable for kids?

Monavie Nice Heathly Drink
by LaoshuWkw

Monavie Nice Heathly Drink

mom, wife, grandmother
by debbie cooper

it tastes great. however i think it is over priced. I couldnt tell a difference in my energy level after drinking 4 bottles of this as directed.

Best discovery
by M. Lee

I really love this product and would still be continually drinking it save for the cost. It is pricey, don't get me wrong it is worth every penny. I felt better while drinking it and was very impressed how it positively effected my parents as well.

No longer active
by James Marlowe

I have taken this product for more than 6 months. In my opinion, this product only worked becuase of the added glucosamine, which can be purchased anywhere for much less money. In further research, the biggest issue I can see is the pasteurization. The Acai berry is an amazing food, but after "processing" most if not all of the nutrients, enzymes, etc. are destroyed. Google "pasturizaton" The same holds true for milk. You can never compare the benefits of whole raw fresh fruit to something that has been heated to 145 -160 degrees. Do your own due diligence before you buy an expensive bottle of cooked fruit juice.

Testimony for Mona Vie Active
by Carla Heater

My husband would take hand fulls of pain pills and still be in pain. He couldn't stand longer than a few minutes without having to sit down the pain was so bad, even after taking the pain pills. Withing 3 days of him taking Mona Vie Active, his back pain was so much better. He can now stand for 6 hours straight at work without having to sit or take pain pills. His shoulder pain and mobility is better. He has more energy, and is sleeping better too. It has just been Great!!

Good potential, lots of favorable reviews
by Terri

But I'm not sure how well it's working for me. I've been drinking Monavie Active for about 3 months and I have noticed that my knees don't ache as much after running as they used to. It is pricey and I'm not a fan of the pyramid scheme.

Sharing the 19

I personally tried this product when my brother (who is a distributor) shared with me one of his bottles. At first, I was skeptical that this one juice could help with my knee joint pain. Surprise, it works!

Multipurpose Juice
by Joy

When I first tryed MonaVie, I was amazed at how many helpful, healthy ingrediants go into it. It is an excellent product and it also has a good taste.

Testimonial for Mona Vie
by Jett

Several weeks ago my best friend gave me a bottle of Mona Vie to try. I was skeptical because of MLM and the price. I did research while taking the juice and read both good and bad, so I became more skeptical but kept drinking it because I liked it and trust my friend.

I had been on medication for Migraines and have gained 15 lbs in 4 months because of medication complications. I was trying the Mona Vie for the energy that my friend said it gave her. No doubt that I have felt the energy increase and others have noticed too. My skeptisism was eliminated completely when I stopped taking my medication but continued with the Mona Vie. I have not had 1 headache since I started the Mona Vie. I have lost a few pounds but that could be from being off the medication.

Just this week, I noticed that I don't need my glasses as much when watching TV on our back porch or for the computer. Again, that could be from being off the medication, maybe too early to tell.

I love the taste but the rest of my family does not. It is pretty pricey but is offset by no more medication and my productivity, due to the increased energy, landed me an increase in pay.

The one thing that I was impressed with, was the company not making any medical cure claims. I asked my doctor about Mona Vie or any acai berry juice, and he said that, since it had whole berries in it, it could not be bad for you, in fact he said he would recommend it to many of his patients. He did say that he doubted any of the testimonies of curing anything. BUT, now, there are so many of my friends that are on Mona Vie and have testimonies of reduced knee pain, more energy, no more acid reflux, and weight loss. These are people I trust and would not lie and have no stake in this product, like myself. I am still doing more research before I become a distributor. I have never liked MLM!

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by Cathy B

Haven't taken this for a year or so. A friend heard how much I love this product and haven't been well... no sleep, loads of pain from spinal tumors. He gave me a bottle of the new pulse and a bottle of active. In just 2 days I feel like a new person! I highly recommend Monavie Active to anyone suffering from joint or bone pain or inflammation. It increases energy and helps digestion as well. Great taste! Serve chilled, about 2 oz 3 times daily.

It works!
by Troy&Diana

My wife and I have been taking and sharing the juice for a short period. We have both experienced a greater energy level, loss of joint pains, enhanced mental focus each day at work and improvement in our sleep patterns. I recommend the juice to anyone feeling the stress of these times and seeking a natural calmness.

Knowledge Is Power
by Debbie H.

I went kicking and screaming to this product. I like many others thought it is just fruit!!
I just didn't understand the science behind nutrition & healing.
This is a great product. It has done for me in 4 months what a slew of physcians couldn't do in over 4 years. It gave me my life back. I was on so many medications, & litterally couldn't function without them, until the juice that is!!
Yes there is fruit on the market, & pill formed anti-oxitdants, vitamins... But our fresh foods are depleted of vitamins & minerals because of where they are grown, & our bodies only absorb 10% of anything in a pill form. Why do you think the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables has jumped so dramatically in the past few years?
It took me several weeks to feel the smallest thing because of the numerous health issues I had, but it took several years for my health problems to present themselves as well. I feel 10 times better drinking the juice without any medications than I did with them.
I have more energy, & feel more like my old self than I have in years.
Now I know why we started in the Garden of Eden!

by Troy

I've just started using this juice, a little over a month now, I my joints don't hurt like they used too. It maybe the juice or it maybe other factors, but I can feel a differance then a month ago. It tastes great and I would recommend it to any one.

Not as expensive as you think
by Barb

I started taking Monavie Active with some skeptism. MonaVie is a synergestic blend of 19 different fruits with the Acai being the crown jewel as they say. Most people wait for the fire (illness or disease) then try to put it out ( drugs / chemicals). I on the other hand try to prevent that fire. So I look to supplementation. Something natural. Knowing that it will take time to make you realize the difference. I have been on MonaVie Active for 6 monthes and can truly say there is a difference for me. I have more energy, and no longer require napping everyday. My back and knee pain has improved greatly and find myself being more active. I no longer have to take an over the counter sleep aid and my theory is I no longer have pain at night so I do sleep better. My family members now take it. Not only to feel better but because it supplies us with the phytonutrients needed from the 7 recommended daily fruits and vegetables. Stop and think about it, do you get the USDA recommended 7 fruits and vegetables? That is 49 servings per week per person. So now tell me you think it is expensive.

Are you kidding me?
by John P.

People writing these reviews are either delusional or have other motives. This product is a fruit juice, people! Yes, it has glucosamine in it--so what? You can buy fruit juice for $1 in the super market and glucosamine for $10 from a reputable company like GNC or Vitabase. Someone has already mentioned Vitabase Superfruit Formula--I am not a huge fan of this fruit juice craze, but if you are going load up on antioxidants, at least the Vitabase product will get you a diverse set of antioxidants rather than just focusing on one fruit.

Happy Birthday To Me
by Joseph Thomas

One of my friends got me a bottle of MonaVie for my birthday as a joke. But I got hooked on the stuff. It tastes a little fruity, but it is delicious. I have been drinking a glass a day for the past 3 months. I'd say that the price is a little expensive but it is totally worth it.
With MonaVie I feel invigorated and more awake. The proteins really help me out. I am a vegetarian and getting good sources of protein is hard.

by Ashley

Both of my grandmas take MonaVie to help them with their arthritis. They've been through so much that they were willing to try anything, at any price. While one of my grandmas hasn't improved all that much, the other one is like a teenager again. I just went away for college, but before I left my grandma and I started walking every morning around a park, and even started baking again. While these activities may not seem to be a big deal, they're a big deal to my grandma. She still has severe pain, just not all the time and not as bad. I thank MonaVie for easing both my grandmas pain. I only wish it wasn't so expensive, but I guess it's worth it.

Doesn't work
by BA

This product came to me highly recommended from an acquaintance and I was anxious to reap the benefits that she had experienced. I wanted a natural product that would provide me with healthy benefits and help my achy joints. To that end, I tried this product every day for 3 months and noticed absolutely no change in my health. This juice tasted good (like a sweet tasting kids juice-box) and I liked the appearance of the bottle, but after taking the juice twice a day for 3 months and seeing nothing, I cannot at all recommend this. In my opinion, it does not work.

by nams

I have many improvements after using it. My 2+ year old "shoulder impingement" problem now gone. Within a week or two of drinking MonaVie my shoulder pain is gone.I am fully energized all day now. Remember, I drink 2 ounces in the morning, and 2 ounces at night. Yet I sleep like I'm on drugs, and I wake up much easier instead of clinging to my pillow. What's more is my energy is consistent throughout the day including the afternoon. I'm now drinking less coffee . My overall mood is up too, several of the nutrients in MonaVie are linked to lowered depression, and so obviously better moods.

2 Customer Opinions

Flash pasterization
by Tomasz Durzynski

The type of pasterization used in MonaVie products is called "Flash Pasterization". It is much shorter (a matter of seconds) and not as hot as "kettle pasterization". It is done mostly for preserving colour and taste. It allows all the nutrients or vast majority of them to remain in the bottle for our benefit.

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