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Good For You
by Joy

I was expecting a little more before I tryed this product because of what I had heard about Noni Juice. This is definately good for you, but I will have to say that the taste could be improved on a bit.

great for health
by susana clark

It is not the best tasting drink, but considering it's great for your body, plus you don't drink it by the gallons, only couple ounces needed.

Better immune response with NONI
by Noah H.

Most readily available Noni juice products contain too much added sugar and water, and are mostly punch type yuppie products or supposed "health drinks". I buy this brand as it contains the pure Noni juice, is more reasonably priced than other comparable "pure juice" products that aren't reconstituted and also has a pungently sweet and really interesting taste. Noni juice is great to boost your immune system's ability to fight off cold, flu and virus attacks, and makes you feel more energetic with regular use. The taste is strong and rich, but very authentic, in the Puritan's Pride brand, and tastes good taken plain or mixed with other pure juices, such as pomegranate, white grape, or pear. My girlfriend likes it with Kiwi juice and banana puree, over ice chips. You can even make a very good non-alcoholic frozen juice cocktail by combining the product with pineapple juice and finely shredded coconut. Add ice to the blender, around 2 ounces of Noni, and then run this in the blender until the mixture is a delicious looking slushy consistency. This is a nice and relaxing, tropical way, to get your Noni juice immune boost in hot weather. Noni is also quite good for "nervous stomach", that queasy feeling you sometimes get when you've missed a meal or gotten stressed out at work. Many people use it, with other nutrients or fruit concentrates added, as a general tonic for the digestive system, not just for an immune system product. VERY FINE STUFF!

It was okay
by Jarmelia

It worked. It gave me the energy I hoped it would give me. But, it was nasty and thick. I would have rather had something else because of the taste. I did not finish the bottle because of the taste. To think about getting it down my throat, just made me gag.

great one
by nivi

Noni is very good for health. It improves the immune system. I keep it at my home during cold season. We can give this product to kids too. It's good for kids also. We give this when they have cold

Bad taste Great product
by Sparky

Though the taste isn't the best, the product does what I expect from noni juice. It is a bit thicker, but authentic noni products are, the ones that are "diluted" with pear juice are not the real deal.

I didn't feel much "effect" at first, but after a week or so of using it you notice a difference in how you feel, and if I stop taking it I feel a difference in myself in just a day or two. I've made noni juice part of my daily routine, and though I do bounce between the better brands, this one is among the ones that I feel is a better quality, and the price is reasonable for an authentic product

by nikki

The price is fairly good compared to other Noni juice, so I gave it a 2. But, I couldn't get past the taste. I know it's suppose to be good for your immune system, but I could barely drink it down. I never could get use to it.

Not recommended
by NTReviewer

This product didn't do anything for me. It sounds like some exotic juice with beneficial properties, but I didn't notice any effect on me. In addition, it tastes somewhat bad and I had no desire to continue to take it.

not very good
by Gblack

It might give you some energy, but the taste of it is horrible and it's pricey. I would try some other kind of juice.

Too Much Fructose
by mar100

I tried this brand after using another one for months. The price was right, after Puritan's Pride always has good deals. I bought 3 bottles for the price of one. First of all, Noni in general tastes horrible, but you do get used to it. I did. Second, you take it for health benefits. I just found that this one had too many additives - like fructose, AND it still didn't taste any better.
No, thanks ! I'll stick with my regular brand.

Puritans Pride Noni Juice
by pamela

This is a good product. Since I have been taking it, I have been less tired, had fewer colds and had a little more energy! I recommend it!

Horrible Taste
by Nate Howell

This product may be wonderful, but I can't get past the taste. It is pretty nasty.

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by Tonja Hard

I have tried another brand of NONI juice, was impressed, but it's so incredibly expensive, I just could not continue it's use. I am interested in the price of this product, and in finding out if it's available in my area.