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by Alma

This product is inexpensive, natural and it works. My husband has tried a lot of over the counter medicine as well as prescribed for his hay fever. This works as well and in some instances better than most. It's easy to use and he likes the fact that it is natural so it doesn't interfere with his medication. His eyes don't itch and his eyes are less watery. Good work.

Another Winner!
by Henry L.

When it comes to allergies, this is the best to use, on the go! It's cheap enough, that I carry a bottle with me wherever I go, and it's helped me with my summer allergies. I'd use it whenever my allergies started kicking up, and it's never failed me.

Pure relief
by Sean

I used to get sinus headaches from my allergies during the summer. This product works magic. My favorite part is the pureness of the product...never irradiated!

Great Help
by Stacy

I really like this liquid alfalfa. I found that it helped relive some symptoms I was having with my fall allergies. It worked quickly and I had absolutely no side effects.

by devla

This is great stuff! It has really helped me with a number of health problems that I have been suffering with. It is great for almost anything. It is relatively inexpensive as well.

For Allergies? Relief
by Julie Moore

I'm not sure why, but this works well for my nonallergic rhinitis. Supposedly, I'm not allergic to anything; however, this product works wonders for me. No more congestion in the morning. Hurray!

Great for Colds and Coughs
by Kenna McHugh

A friend of mine recommended Alfalfa for my congestion because I couldn't get rid of it and didn't want to take any over the counter drugs. I took Alfalfa and my congestion went away in about four days. I felt better and better. Good stuff.

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