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by ray

collodial minerals are no the right elemental size for cell penetration. should consider angstrom (parts per million) size to penetrate cells of the body. the size of minerals delivered to cells is important.

Great liquid mineral product
by Blueberry

My family has always trusted the Nature's sunshine brand for its quality products. My Father-In-Law is currently taking Colloidal Minerals to improve his overall health. He has been using it for over a year now and has seen significant improvements in his health. He is very happy with the product and is planning to keep using it. It is a little expensive but totally worth the price.

Not unique
by Nathan

This product is a decent product, but not necessarily unique. I got a sample of it from someone. It tasted fine, but I just don't see what is different from the other colloidal minerals on the market.

Good Mineral
by Zheng

This liquid mineral is awesome, but could be perfect if the taste wasn't as bad. It gives what the body needs for a healthier life. I love how it is pH balanced.

Great For Daily Use!
by Lisa

This liquid mineral supplement is great if your daily eating isn't up to par (or even if you eat really well). This product is just as important as taking a multivitamin because most people do not meet their body's needs. The taste of this product isn't bad and can be mixed in drinks or taken in one quick sip. It noticeably improves the appearance of skin, hair and nails too!

Racquetball Player Drinks It
by Kenna McHugh

I had a hard game with a 65-year-old racquetball player. I beat him, but he had lots of energy and could keep up with us kids. After the game, he whipped Collodial Minerals out of his workout bag and had a huge drink. He said it worked for him.

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