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by KMC

This is a great product. The taste is not good by itself. I have found the best thing to mix it with is cran-grape juice. I highly recommend this to anyone that hate to take a lot of different pills to get complete nutrition.

Miracle 2000
by Doug

This stuff if fantastic. I've taken it off-n-on for about 10 years now and I always feel much more energized and clear headed when taking it. I believe it has trace minerals, but I normally also take TJ Clark colloidal minerals at the same time. My wife also likes it, but had to stop because she has too much iron in her system, and can't use any supplement that includes iron.

Miracle 2000
by myndy

I started taking this vitamin and i also take liquid flax seed and i mix it together and it tastes gross, but if i drink a juice like hawian puch i dont taste it at all. I just mix it with different things and it seems to kill the taste. Its a great vitamin i have two kids and at the end of the day i dont feel exhausted like i used to

vocational developer
by marianne l

This product works great, despite the taste

by Brian Orach

It has a horrible smell!

by Excellent way to get your vitamins

This is an excellent product especially if you don't like taking pills. the only set back might be the taste, but after a few days of taking it it's not so bad.

Miracle 2000
by Ann

I have had 2 sets of twins-all while taking M-2000. I did not take the pre-natal vitamins as they were bulky and I had the unfortunate incident of taking two large tablets,while rushing to work- choking and getting rushed to the emergency room to have an emergency endoscopky (Not sure of the correct spelling) to push the pills down my throat. The last set of twins at age 46. I swear by this vitamin as I am a self employed woman with 5 children. I have recently run out for 2 months and started feeling really tired & run down. So let's just say it works for me. I would encourage others to try it.

Miracle 2000
by Jan

This tastes HORRIBLE!! I don't care how good the vitamins are you just can't get past the taste. I got a refund as fast as I could!

Miracle 2000 is great!
by Tonya

Miracle 2000 is the best liquid vitamin/mineral that I have found. I started taking it 2 years ago after my mom told me about it.
I like that it offers your daily vitamins and minerals without added sugar. It does not taste good, so I add a cap full to a glass of orange juice every morning. It gives me energy and it raises my immune system. I rarely get sick when I am taking it. I can really feel a difference in the way I feel if I forget to take it. I highly recommend Miracle 2000!

Awesome Nutritional Content!
by Laura

Miracle 2000 has been around for years, but they are still the king of their market. Taking a liquid vitamin instead of struggling with multivitamin caplets or mineral tablets is such a breath of fresh air! At one time in my life I was literally trying to talk myself into a morning routine of Vitamin C, B, E, Zinc, and Iron. Of course, they were all sold separately and going to cost me a fortune even if I could get them all down. Then I found Miracle 2000 and it has all of that (plus more) in just two tablespoons!

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