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love it! love it! love it!
by aa

Body Balance was an incredible support to me when I was pregnant. I had more energy, and a very comfortable pregnancy, and very healthy baby. It is a mainstay of my nutritional program. I love that it is liquid as I don't like to swallow pills. worth every penny.

Waste of Money
by Suzanne P.

I took Body Balance for a few months because family members were selling it. It did nothing for me and it's very expensive. It's a lot of hype. I heard testimonials about how after taking Body Balance, people lost weight, had increased energy, no longer had to take blood pressure, thyroid, or cholesterol medications, it made lupus go away, etc. When I questioned why there were just trace amounts of vitamins and the percentage amounts/quantities of the aloe and sea vegetables were not listed, I was told "that's because it's a whole food, not a vitamin." My advice is forget MLM products, go buy pure aloe vera juice, mix it with cherry juice, and take powdered sea vegetable capsule supplements like those from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables (who label quantities of amounts). It won't cost as much and you'll know exactly what you're getting. No, I would never buy Body Balance again.

Body Balance will be an house hold name
by DA

Over 20 years of success, used by professional athletes, movie stars and myself. I have personally seen many people regain there health even cancer survivors. I will be on it for life.

Expensive and does nothing
by TP

I took this for a month and did not see any results. And the price was ridiculous but I tried because a friend told me it worked. The taste is bad, the price is horrible, and it does nothing.

Low Nutrient Values
by Carrie Russell

Some People seem to love this stuff. I'm not sure why, probably because it tastes great, and goes down easy. But, if they actually looked at the ingredients they would see that it as extremely low levels of vitamins and minerals, much lower than even the government RDA for those nutrients.

If you still love this product, you should take an additional multivitamin along with it, because ( although many believe it to be) it is not considered a multi.

by Laurie Miller

This supplement is wonderful. It gives me so much energy that I can only take one ounce per day (two are recommended initially, but it kept me awake at night). The taste is not bad.

Ok Product
by Nate Howell

I thought the product was just ok. It tastes a little weak and i did not notice a whole lot of difference when taking the product.

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by S. Taylor

I have been using Body Balance for 8 months now and love the product. I was introduced to it by my sister-in-law in New Zealand. I wasn't told anything about it other than try it and see what you think. After 17 days I started to notice that my food intake was diminishing, then the energy started to come, then the pounds started to fade away (all without changing a thing in my life style) other than taking 4 oz. of BB per day. My aches and pains were diminishing. I love this product and wouldn't be without it. It was the subtle differences that were making the difference in my life. It was a blind test given to me and the results were and are amazing. Love it and would recommend it to anyone. And the cost broke down is only approx. $4.00 per day. For that I can afford to feel good, so many people spend money foolishly and never worry about it.