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house wife mother
by Donna Williamson

I tried all the supplements out there both pills which were the worst and almost all the liquid vitamins on the market, and I found Herbally Pure vitamins to be the best vitamins. Herbally Pure liquid vitamins has a great taste and everyone in my family takes them without being forced to take their supplements. I truly believe that Herbally Pure liquid vitamins is the most effective vitamins on the market and it is also very reasonably priced. Try liquid vitamins by Herbally Pure, trust me! A mom that just made one of her duties much easier.
Thank You

Energy Booster
by R. Molitor

I recommend this product because it truly increases energy level. Also, seems to help my nail and skin quality. Works much better than your normal vitamin pill.

Good Product
by Kyle

My partner uses this product and likes it very much and has been pleased with the effects. Personally, I find the taste horrible, thus I prefer something in pill form. If you can get over the taste, it's a great product.

Daily Multivitamins
by satyen

I really like this product...I use to take centrum A to Z, but someone in my family height recommended this product to me...I started taking this instead of centrum and it has really change the way I feel..Everyone my family has change to this product from what we used to take.

Very Good Product
by Jessica Anthes

The taste was allright, but the effects were astounding. You just feel better on this product. The time it takes to remember to take it is well worth what it does for you. I felt lively, energetic and excellent. I definitely recommend this product for someone that doesn't feel quite up to par. And even if you think you do, you should give some kind of consideration to using this product. This was recommended by a friend because I asked her why she was so energetic and she told me about this product. I didn't think I was any less lively, but I learned I was after taking this for a few days.

by Jeff

I have just started using this product based on the recomendation of a friend and so far I like it. I like that it is in liquid form and does not have too bad of a taste to it.

by Gblack

This has a OK taste. The thing that makes me excited about this is that it has so many vitamins. This will keep you healthy. I have noticed a change in my body since I have started to take it.

Great vitamin and more!
by Kelly Morris

I like this supplement because not only does it contain all the usual vitamins and minerals, it also contains things like trace minerals and digestive enzymes. The price is reasonable, too.

#1 Liquid Multi-Vitamin available!
by Carrie Russell

Absolutely, without a doubt, the BEST liquid supplement ever made! I am an Eustachian & Nutritionist, and I recommend this product to ALL of my clients.

It is the best tasting out of all the liquids available. Believe me, I have tried them all, and this one tastes great. I can take it on an empty stomach with absolutely no upset!

The nutrient values are some of the highest out there, and they don't use synthetics for the most part.

I HIGHLY recommend this product!

by Robert

This company also makes Complete, which is a better product, but this one is good and tastes great. It would compare against SeaSilver because it has the sea vegetation stuff in there. I think that is sort of a fad, but this is still a good product.

Not bad at all
by Nate Howell

I have tried a lot of different liquid supplements. This particular one is not too bad. The taste is good. The bottles are neat. It is so easy to measure the correct amount. They are obviously not a huge company, but I'm pretty impressed with the formulation. There are other products similar that are being sold for quite a bit more.

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