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Drink MonaVie And Stay Healthy
by Henry Balanay

An awesome fruit juice is now available worldwide. Stay healthy with MonaVie juice and keep active all the time. Get free from aging and leave all the worries about being unhealthy. Free radicals are all freed by this great delicious juice. The users are all pleasant of the products and they give the best compliments even now. Actually, the main ingredient to make this delicious juice is none, but the tropical fruit acai berry, which is generally found in the Amazon region. This main ingredient carries lots of proteins more than an average egg. Therefore, it becomes one of the healthy fruit juices that we ever have. Visit and dial to order now.

drinkables fruits & vegetables
by Robin

my grandson has adhd and will not eat his fruits& veggies.we are raising him and we've taken
him to so many doctors all they want to do is medicate him. I found this drink at costco it is the miracle we have been looking was like magic within in a few weeks he settled down wanted to learn he is doing great in school now. and he is never sick.this is the greatest it has done wonders for us. thank you thank you! if you have not tried this for your kids do try it we are so so happy we did. thank you drinkables fruit & vegetables drink.

by Gohmah

I just opened and drank one ounce of the Drinkable Fruit-Vegetables and one ounce of the Pomegranate-Mangosteen-Noni-Acai. Both were very palatable. The Pomegranate-Mangosteen-Noni-Acai tasted like grape juice. The Fruit-Vegatable tasted slightly like grape juice but still quite palatable. Another lady in my office where I keep my vitamins tried it as well and she had the same experience.

I have used liquid calcium as well from another manufacturer and found the liquid form of any supplement to work much more thoroughly.

Better off learning to swallow pills
by Doug

You are better off learning to swallow pills than to bear the taste of this liquid supplement. My sister cannot swallow tablet vitamins, and uses this instead. She finds it tolerable, but I found it to be absolutely repugnant. I say that even if you cannot swallow a tablet, you are better off chewing them than to drink this.

Nasty taste
by Kennedee

I have a hard time swallowing pills, so I gave this liquid multi-vitamin a try. The taste is unbearable, even after drinking and mixing it with cranberry and orange juice. I had my husband to try it and his results were the same. The taste was just awful!!!! I would not recommend this drink.

Not too bad, but effective
by Gordy

I disagree with the other reviewers that it is unbearably bad tasting. Having tried a numerous amount of liquid forms of vitamins, minerals, and even herbs - I've had it all! The taste isn't the most spectacular - but I found that mixing it with a cranberry base was pretty good at taking out the strong unwanted flavors.

Everyone's palate is different, so something horrible to one person could taste fantastic to another. I personally thought it was okay as a multi-vitamin liquid drink. I have since moved on, but I don't regret my decision to give it a try.

Drinkables Liquid Multivitamins
by Eli

This is the worse liquid vitamin. The taste is too unbearable that you can not even gulp it out. I threw it because it was so terrible. The bottom line is STAY AWAY.

Not recommended
by L. S.

I have tried this a couple of times. I tried to mix it in with liquids, I tried to put some in a teaspoon, and I tried to bake with it out of desperation, but the taste is so bad that the kids won't eat or drink anything that contains this stuff. I will never buy it again.

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