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It worked for me!!
by Katie

I tried it once before. I followed the directions exactly, and I did sneak and eat a cracker once a day, but I ended up losing like 8lbs in 2 days with the 48hr hollywood diet. Of course, a little later I gained the weight back, but it was a quick fix for bikini time. .

Birthday present
by David

I got this for slightly overweight friend as a joke birthday present and to my surprise, he actually used it! He told me it tasted worse than a homemade carrot juice and just made him hungry and tired. Not recommended.

worked, but was painful
by David

I used this a few years ago and it did help me to shed 5 lbs. Only drawback was the taste. It tasted like ground up vitamins (only thing I can think of that comes close to describing the taste) and because of that I had a hard time drinking this stuff but I bore it for the sake of dropping a few pounds. If you're willing to withstand the taste I say go for it and use this product. After all, drinking bad tasting juice for only 2 days in exchange for shedding a few unwanted pounds is worth it in my opinion.

No Miracle Here
by BA

This is no miracle diet. I tried this with no success. I have not found a shortcut to losing weight, despite many attempts. This drink doesn't taste that good and is very expensive. The effectiveness is nil and I would consider it a total waste of money. Nothing beats a healthy diet and exercise as a slow, but steady way to lose weight.

by christib

The Miracle with this product is that they are still allowed to sell it! It smells gross and it tastes awful. It makes you feel completely miserable for the time that you use it. If that weren't enough, it didn't even work. I wouldn't waste your time or money on this.

No such thing as a quick fix...
by J

I tried this several years ago when I was looking for a quick way to loose a few pounds for an event. Not only did it taste disgusting, but I had severe stomach cramps and was still hungry. I have since come to the realization that the only 'miracle' for weight loss comes with a lot of hard work and determination (and it doesn't happen in 24 hours!).
I do not recommend this to anyone.

Waste of Money
by Becky

I bought this hoping for a quick cure for weight loss. According to commercials, you would loose a lot of weight. LOL, what a joke. All I lost was everything in my stomach and my health for one day. It was horrible. Made me nauseous and I will never take this again. Just a ripoff to get your money. Way to costly for something that doesn't work.

Expensive punch
by Ashley

I was extremely disappointed with this product. My mother's best friend swears by it. My fiance and I picked it up one day in the drug store hoping its labels and commercials would fulfill its promises. Once again, though, we were fooled by the weight-loss industry. We both took the recommended dosages and felt incredibly sick an hour later! I suffered worse than my fiance though. After spending roughly $70 we didn't want to throw the product away, and gave it to our best friend. He called us up the next day and asked if he could throw it away. It made him sick to his stomach, surprise? I don't think so. Only buy this product if you want to throw your money away.

Hollywood 24-Hour Miracle Diet
by Ell

I suggest you not try this product. If you lose any weight its because you are starving. The taste was horrible. I tried it hoping to lose a few pounds quickly but I couldn't stand to drink it. I would not use this product again!

Caffeine Race
by Cor

You can really feel the caffeine energy with this one. I bought and tried it and in 24 hours, I did lose a tiny bit. You really need to be motivated to take this because it upsets you stomach a little. It gave me a headache and made me feel hot all the time, but of course, its a diet product. I would buy this product again maybe if the price went a little lower.

hollywood 24-hour miracle diet
by barbara

After the 24 hours taking this product I never felt worse or looked worse. I was nauseus and dehydrated for most of the time and that feeling stayed for 24 hours after. Detox? Hardly. Gatorade would do a better job.
I would never buy this product again. A waste of time, money and energy.

24 Hour Nightmare!
by Lecrisha

This product did nothing but make me sick! I thought it would be bliss to use this product because of all of the ads, but it was an absolute nightmare! It tasted awful, and did nothing to pacify my hunger. I got diarrhea from it, and by the time it was all over I was a complete wreck. Stay away!

Stay away from this one.
by Cady

The label claims celebs use this to look their best for big Hollywood functions. How can they when this product wreaks havoc on your body? Not only was I extremely dehydrated by this product, but it also was not very gentle to my stomach and made me nauseous. I also had bouts of vomiting. Not worth it!!

by rao

I think this product is great for someone who has a meal plan and has control of eating habits. I can feel the effect of the caffeine, so I would suggest you take them early. Overall, I will buy more due to the results and the price.

24 Hour Waste Of Time
by Ali

Once again I was drawn in by commercials and articles saying this worked. IF you can get past the taste (It's HORRIBLE) then get through starving yourself for 24 Hours, you may just have lost a few pounds, (I lost 2). But, I think it was just the fact I did not eat for a whole day not the mixture itself. I do not suggest taking this at all. Results were really not there and NOT worth the expense.

Save your money
by Mandy

This product tastes bad and if you get through the whole 24 hours you will just gain it all back anyway. I think that I was just dehydrated from this drink and that is why I weighed a couple pounds less. Do not waste your money.

another diet that failed me
by Brian Graham

Well this is another failed attempt at losing weight. I have tried most plans and wanted to give this a try. Im 5'10" and nearly 250 so, yeah, I need to lose weight. First let me say that the drink does not go down easy. Second, I stuck to the directions that came with it and saw very little weight loss-----much below the expectations. For the cost and the headaches I know there are better options out there.

complete waste of money
by Shawna

I wish I found this website before I blew $ 20 on a horrible product. The taste is - just horrible, worse than cough medicine. I couldn't take it after 24 hours and threw it away. I know this is not the best way to loose weight but I just wanted a jump start and this was the wrong product to choose. Stay away from this!

Hollywood 24-Hour Miracle Diet
by Dorene

This drink tasted horrible. It did not make me feel full at all. I starved all day. I didn't lose any weight. I wasted my time and money on this and I suggest you not buy it!

Dont waste your $$$$$$$
by Donia

My best friend bought this and tried it. She barely got it down, said, "Oh my stomach hurts" and began vomiting. She said it tasted so bad she could not stand it. She is very body conscience. I would not wast my money on this. No one I know who tried it says it works at all. Save your money, this product is a lost cause.

Waste of Money
by LPhidd

I did not like this product at all. The taste is bad, you don't eat or drink anything but the juice and if you do lose a pound or two you gain it right back the next day. It only makes you more hungry and does do as it promises.

by karen

This is just awful tasting, it's not drinkable. There are similar products on the market that although cost a little more are at least drinkable.

Not a great product
by cindy

I bought this in yet another attempt at weight loss. Boy this stuff isn't good at all. Other than tasting horrible and making me nauseous , I don't see anything about this product that would promote weight loss. You are better off spending your money some place else.

Don't waste your $$$
by dee

Did not work. It make me very nauseous and weak. Please don't even think about trying this product as it has the potential to dehydrate you and make you weak. No weight loss here and I will never buy it again not even for a quick fix that doesn't even work!

Don't Even Try It
by Ellisha

This product tastes gross and did not make me lose weight. It made me feel sick to my stomach, and I would not recommend it to anyone!

Don't waste your money
by Jaime

Don't waste your money. This product does not work. It tastes terrible. Even over ice, it's bad. It made my belly cramp. I did not lose any weight.

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