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Not a fan
by Faye

Purchased the Frack Pack, so I was able to try all kinds. Everyone I tried caused stomach pain, and nausea. My boyfriend had the same experience, not only did he have pain, nausea, but also got diarrhea. We experimented by going back to our old standard coffee, and had none of the symptoms. Once we brewed up the Javafit we were right back to stomach pain/nausea. On a positive note, I did think it tasted fine.

Love it!!
by Nicole Cortez

Tried it at a friends house before working out, it was awesome. wish it was in more stores.

im drinking it anyway
by java general

I have been reading about the expense but have you been to lately. The prices are now cut in half. I seriously cant even drink any other coffee anymore besides Javafit.

great product
by j taylor

I started taking this because of my friend she was so excited about the weight loss she got from it..I was skeptical but I have tried everything else to lose are maintain my weight so I thought I would go ahead and try it. I have to say I loved it. I lost 7 pounds on doing nothing other than drinking coffee. I thought the taste was pretty good. It is expensive so what I do is buy every other month. I love this coffee.

Not just Coffee
by Jeremy P

I actually liked this stuff, but then again, I like coffee in general. The taste is great and there's only a minor bitter aftertaste. I tried this during the beginning of the summer in 2006 and lost 8 pounds within the first month. If I could've afforded to buy more right after I finished what I had I would have.

Weight Loss okay, Coffee not so great....
by Kerry Hays

While the appetite suppressor works, it's probably honestly just because this coffee tastes so horribly bad. After two days of drinking JavaFit Diet Plus Regular Coffee, I decided that just switching to water would taste better, and be more effective at losing weight. Great amounts of Caffeine though, had me bouncing off the walls all day. Not totally horrible, if you can get past the taste of burnt cardboard.

good to lose small amount of weight
by littlecat

This product worked fine for me, other than the cost. I only needed to lose a small amount of weight, and I did lose about 5 lbs., which is about what I wanted to lose. It tastes good, and does boost your energy levels. It's too expensive to buy regularly, though.

Diet pay up
by Mike

After trying JavaFit for 2 weeks, I realized that this formula is not only great tasting but an authentic appetite suppressor. Incorporating several hours of exercise everyday along with a healthy diet, I was able to lose 4 pounds. However, as good as it may be, I struggle with the cost. So as a result, I no longer purchase this product.

by rao

This product slightly suppressed my appetite, however it did give me some energy from the natural caffeine. I would buy it for just the energy boost.

Good for a short-term goal
by Laura

When you try this product you will almost certainly notice a slight burst in energy. Because this is one of the few products promising that and actually delivering, I don't mind the price. The way I figure it, I would otherwise be spending that money on a pill product that claims similar results. The downfall to this concept is that your body naturally adjusts to a steady intake of caffeine. So after a some time (for me it was about 9 days) that affect goes away. That's when you are back to square one.

JavaFit Diet Plus Regular Coffee
by Dorene

I really like the concept of this product because I love coffee. It did give me a little extra boost, but the price was so high that there is no way I would keep buying it!

Terrific If You're A Coffee Lover
by Erik

Perhaps it's just the placebo effect, coupled with the fact that I love coffee and have increased my work out, but this product actually worked quite effectively for me. However, I'm not sure if I would purchase the product again due to the high cost, but I'm considering it.

Good product, but a bit pricey
by Angel C.

This coffee is great and all, but the price is outrageous. Since I am an everyday coffee drinker and have been one for years, I decided to try this product to help give me that extra boost while being a healthy alternative to the coffee I've been drinking. It did give me an extra boost and tasted great, but it's no where worth the price it's selling for. You'd be better off drinking your usual coffee during the day, drink an energy drink, and watch what you eat.

Too expensive
by DAv92683

I tried the Javafit diet after a coworker recommend it. I noticed I had a little increase in my performance and it was probably a bit healthier than normal coffee. However, with the price tab of $30, I would stick with normal coffee and take it easy on my intake.

Boost for the Treadmill!
by Macy

My workouts consist of 30-45 minutes a day on the treadmill. I started using JavaFit about an hour before running and wow-- what a difference! If you love coffee -- and if you work out -- make this your warm-up about an hour before hitting the gym.

Coffee Plus
by Carol

I love coffee and to find a great tasting coffee that helps make my workouts more effective is the find of the decade for me. I take a thermos to the gym and recommend it to my friends.

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