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by Kyle

my wife and i tried this product approximately 4 years ago and when we reached our weight loss goals we stopped using it. We were so pleased with the results that we would like to try it again.



Powerful Stuff
by Mayela

I used the exercise and slim drops together about 8 years ago. I absolutely love this product. It worked wonders for me in such a short time. Where can I buy this? I've been looking for a purchasing website for a very long time but I can't find one. Is this product out of the market? Can anyone help me?

by Sharlene

I used to use this stuff and it worked great. It gives you the energy you needs and I lost weight pretty fast. I started out at 143 lbs and ended at 128 lbs in less than one month. I would recommend this for a quick fix.

doesn't work!
by Ashley

My mom and I used these drops for a month and nothing happened. Our metabolism didn't increase, and we didn't lose weight at anything but an ordinary pace. It's a waste of money. You'll still have your same old appetite and you won't feel an increase in energy. In fact, my mother was drinking so much coffee during the month simply because she didn't have any energy!! I was skeptical to buy it at first, with their "miracle drops," claim, and I should have listened. This product sounds silly, and it is silly. I wouldn't buy this product every again. Only buy it if you want to throw your money away.

If it sounds too good to be true . . .
by Amy

You know if something sounds to good to be true then it probably is and that is definitely the case with these. I am a sucker for always looking for a quick fix for weight loss so these drops looked like a great, easy solution. I tried it for about a month (taking it exactly as it says to do). During this time I actually gained a few pounds. This product was not at all effective and it did nothing that it claimed. I would never again buy this product and I would discourage anyone else thinking about buying the product to stay away from it.

Waste of Money
by shirley

My husband tried these drops for a month and they did nothing for him. His appetite did not change nor did his metabolism or energy level. This product is a expensive and a complete waste of money. I don't recommend this one at all.

Drops Nothing
by jean

These so called exercise drops did not help me reduce weight. It actually slowed my metabolism and made me drowsy every day at all times of the day. Although it did not increase my appetite, it definitely did not REDUCE my appetite. I do not recommend this product to those who want to lose weight.

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