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by Kyle Singleton

my wife and i tried this product approximately 4 years ago and when we reached our weight loss goals we stopped using it. We were so pLleased with both the slim drops and the exercise drops that we would love to try them again.

by may

works. works. works!!!!

by keta solano

I love your product. I lost 45 lbs. with slim drops and exercise drops. I tried so many products without any results.

I recommended these products to family members and they lost weight. Love your product
by carrie

I wish I could find this product .It was the only one I tried that worked.Ilost the weight I wanted to,then maintained it taking it once a day for over 4 years.Now I have put weight back on and I hate it .Somebody please find this product so I can buy some .

by May

this product was great!!! i felt my metabolism getting faster and i was eating bigger meals and burning more calories with exercise. i used to eat one plate of food and gained weight. now i eat almost two and still lose weight. it's just your body type and your hormones. if liquafit works for you....great. if not, try something else. i also bought the nasty stuff for skin elasticity and it worked. my skin grew tighter. (had a flabby tummy) i could feel that it was getting tighter. it works, it works. you can't just use it for a few days and stop. again, if it works for you, do it. if not, find something else.

My diet miracle
by Raven

My mom tried these drops and lost 15 pounds in one month. I have always struggled with my weight, so I tried them too. I was working at Burger King for 2 months when I first tried these. I got my meals for free, so I was eating there twice a day, five days a week for those 2 months and still managed to lose a total of 35 pounds. This product is amazing!

Get Slim some other way!
by Jane M.

I am always trying to find ways to lose weight, especially after the holiday season. I tried these after Thanksgiving to kickstart my weight loss program during the holidays. Well, after 60 drops a day... no results, and less money after paying the high price for these. I was totally disappointed. Keep your money and just hit the gym!

Inconvenient drops!
by momof2

I started using this after I gave birth, hoping to lose the extra pounds. Forget it! I would rather take a supplement in pill form than remember to use these drops all day. It was ridiculous! I did not have the time or patience to use 60 drops a day. Perhaps it is more potent in the liquid form, but these drops are very inconvenient. Three days of this and I quit.

Slim Drops the ball
by Gordy

My mother has been battling weight issues for years now. She has tried everything from Weight Watchers to Carb control diets. None of them have been too effective - so we looked for alternatives.

We came across Slim Drops by Liquafit and decided to see if it would help her. She took the recommended 20 drops (3 times daily) and found that it didn't do her much good at all. She said the taste was horrible, and even after altering her diet - Slim Drops just didn't fit the bill.

For anyone trying to lose weight, you have to remember to incorporate exercise. Magical products don't work wonders. Even after my mom incorporated a steady routine - her weight loss was no more than any other usual decline.

At $35, she (and I) cannot recommend this product. Try the other countless variations on the market, this one is just too plain and ineffective.

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Family Service
by Michelle Jedlowski

I used this product about 8 years ago and it worked great. I would really like to try it again.