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You have to keep buying it
by Chris Carter

Like most weight busters, this product forces you to buy more and more. It does work to a certain extent however. I took this shake two weeks ago and I have lost about ten pounds. I am not large at all, but I could afford to lose a few pounds so I decided to give this a try. It tastes really good compared to most shakes, and with light exercise and decent eating habits, almost anyone can lose weight just as easy as I can. I might try and buy this product sometime in the next year when this one runs out, if I want to lose weight again, but not on a regular basis.

An absolute metamorphosis
by Mike

I started taking Fat Buster Shake after seeing it on a late night advertisement. Over the course of two weeks, I saw a change in my weight as well as my appetite. Capriciously, I no longer craved my desired dishes, which consisted of at least 1900 calories a day, and to my surprise, I actually looked forward to losing more weight. However, over time I realized the price of product forced me to withdraw, where I had to succumb due to high cost. But on a brighter note, experiences and results do vary from person to person – so give it a try!

lost weight and tastes great
by wendy

This shake is actually good, not grainy or too thick like some of the others I've tried. It fills you up and is satisfying. No side effects of nervousness, jitteriness, etc. like some of the diet pills I've used. Highly recommend.

Good Tasting Product
by Louis

I've tried several different weight loss products, and this is one of those that has worked for me. It tastes great and it goes down pretty smoothly. I have lost a lot of weight with this accompanied with exercise and good nutrition, so I can say this product has helped changed my life and make me the person I am today. I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight.

Tastes Great & Works
by dee

I am a sucker for diet products but when I find one that works I love to share about it! This product tastes great and really helped me lose the added baby weight. I used it to replace dinner as that was the meal that I really tended to overeat in. I did not exercise because I do not like to and with that being said I lost over 4 pounds in my first week! It was really easy and it tastes surprisingly delicious!

Fat Buster Shake
by Dorene

I like to make the Fat Buster Shakes up and drink one for breakfast and then take one to work with me for lunch. They are filling and really do help you lose weight if you use them as a meal replacement. They taste great too!

Easy meal =]
by Mike Huang

I tried using this product a while back, and it works pretty well. You have to get used to the taste, but the shake really works. I started using this after I gained some weight over the summer, and man did this product help. I lost all the weight I gained, and it made a perfect meal for me.

Hmm interesting product.
by DAV92683

I myself always prefer food instead of some shake to provide my nutrients. When I first started the product, it tasted horrible because you couldn't get used to the taste right away. However, Fat Buster Shake really works and I of course, liked it over time.

by Stacy

After the holidays, I did put on about 9 extra lbs., and I wanted to lose it quickly. I tried this product to replace 1-2 meals a day for 3 weeks and exercised everyday, and the weight just fell off. I actually weigh less than before the holidays. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

Works and tastes great
by Carol Skurzewski

I have tried other Nature Plus products but this one is the best. It will fill you up so you do not have cravings between meals. Wonderful to take to work for lunch.

Tastes great!
by Tiffany

I don't like eating breakfast, I can't seem to get anything down. But if I don't eat something I get sick. This shake works really well as a filling meal replacement AND it tastes fabulous.

by Kelly Morris

I never believed a weight loss shake would actually be filling, but this one is. It helped me feel more energetic and was a great help when I was trying to lose weight.

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