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Works just fine
by Lori

I lost 30 lbs in about 3 months using this product, walking 20 minutes a day and and only eating one main small meal a day. I get really sick using most milk based diet drinks and this didnt make me sick at all. I do wish it wasnt so expensive though.

Not a very good product
by Dustin

Compared to other weight loss drinks and shakes this one does not fill you up at all and doesn't seem to do much of anything in the energy or weight loss department either. You may lose some water weight because it does seem to have a diuretic effect. I tried this for 3 weeks and will not use this again.

by Mike

I took Slim & Trim a couple years back when it was still in early production. Although I hold a vague image of the weight loss results, the one dynamic factor that I do recall was its reliability. When I constantly ate and loss interest in everything else, I used this as a walking stick to relapse back to my former weight. However, over time I had to give in due to financial reasons because the product is not cheap. But nonetheless, the product definitely did live up to its expectations.

Mediocre at best
by Michael Yamakawa

I didn't notice any results during my use of this product. Although I did not gain any weight, I lost little, if any. This product is supposed to not only supplement a meal, but in theory replace them as well. I found myself still hungry after taking this product and at best could classify it as a sugar-free beverage. Might as well have saved the money and purchased a drink like Crystal Light and saved money in the long run. I advise staying away from this expensive beverage and look toward other weight loss products instead

by Jenn

I always like to try the natural weight loss drinks and pills. The flavor isn't great but it keeps me energized throughout my workouts. I do not see that much of a difference in my appetite. The price is about average for the amount. I wouldn't recommend this to people looking to loose a ton of weight.

SLIM what?
by Alyson Porter

I really did not like the product at all. It did not fill me up at all. I ended up having to eat with it and therefore I gained more weight. I didn't feel like it really helped me lose wieght at all. I still exercised but the shake didn't compliment it at all, I kind of felt like I was almost gaining more weight by taking it. Yeah, and the taste was horrible, but that is to be expected. I like slim fast better.

Great product
by SP

I have used Slim & Trim along with my regular workouts for weight loss. I am very happy with results. It doesn't taste good, but you have to sacrifice the taste to get the benefits of Slim & Trim. I already started losing weight and i would like to keep using this.

Stay Close To A Bathroom
by Matt Bentley

This product has an interesting claim. First, it claims that it will help someone who wants to lose weight to lose weight. Then, it claims that it will help someone who wants to gain weight to gain weight. I would say the gain weight idea is false. When I explain how the lose weight result is successful, you will understand why it is impossible to gain weight with this product. This product has a ton of protein in it - 22 grams in a single serving. When you consume such a large amount of protein, it acts somewhat as a laxative - very severe laxative in fact. Chances are you will be using the restroom several times during the day. This is how it makes people lose weight. This is dangerous. When we are removing stuff from your body that shouldn't be removed, bad things can happen. You can become dehydrated, weak, and start to lack essential minerals. The bottom line with this product is the same as with all weight loss products. The only natural way to lose weight is to balance, have a negative calorie balance (expend more energy than you take in). There are other ways to achieve this balance, but they are without exception harmful. Don't be fooled when someone says it is an herb. Remember, marijuana is also an herb of sorts. Take things for what they are. If you do use this product, a good multivitamin is essential to make sure you are not losing vital vitamins and minerals

mediocre at best
by patty

I tried this product after giving up slim fast. I hoped that it would make me feel fuller to tie me over to dinner, but it didn't. I used it regularly with no "cheating". I only dropped a few ounces, which was not enough for me to invest any more money in it.

Comparable to Slim Fast
by leslie

This product is OK but it has not produced the weight loss I expected it to. I've tried similar products, one being Slim Fast. Just like Slim Fast, this product does not keep me feeling full for long and I end up eating something else not long after consuming this.

Mix with other milk.
by Shreyas Patel

The taste wasn't too great, however the product did help to make myself stronger after a workout. I wouldn't get sore if I drank some Slim & Trim after lifting.

Not enough to sustain as a meal...
by Jody

Slim & Trim tastes okay, but it has that distinct "weight loss drink" taste which leaves me feeling less-than-satisfied. The consistency is a bit grainy too. I never saw any "weight loss" result from drinking it either, because I never felt satisfied and ended up eating something else afterward!

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