f FreeLife International, LLC Russian Gold! Reviews and Information

Russian Gold!

Helps to provide complete support of healthy bodily functions.
Product: Russian Gold!
Brand: FreeLife International, LLC (More Products)
Size: 2 Fluid Oz.
Dosage: Take 1 teaspoon daily.
Retail: $36.52
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4 Customer Reviews

Not what it seems
by William Duong

I originally took this as a supplement so that I could get all of the vitamins and nutrients that I needed without eating all of the food groups. However, this does not give you any of that - it gives you a special formula that allegedly makes you healthier. After the second day, I came down with the stomach flu, probably because my stomach didn't agree with this drug. I wouldn't recommend this drug at all.

Not Worth It
by Katelin

This product really jumped out at me for some reason.. maybe it was the name? Plus, I like giving things that I have never heard of a try. You never know when you're going to find a new brand that you love.

Either way, this didn't really impress me much. I didn't feel any healthier than usual, and will be sticking to more trusted and less expensive products from now on. My green tea extract has always made me feel wonderful and if it ain't broken, don't fix it, right?

Works great, but taste needs improvement
by Cady

This is a great product. Really helps you feel great, but the taste needs improvement. I end up having to mix it in with a drink or food. Nice product if you can find it.

This is so so
by Garrett black

I always go to the drugstore to get new things, and this caught my eye. I have been taking it regularly and have not gotten sick for a long time. It makes you feel healthy. I have this with my other stuff at breakfast. This stuff works great.