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by Renee Webb

My dad who is 80 years old started taking this product the beginning of 2010. He has prostate cancer which moved to his bones. He had lost as considerable amount of weight and looked sick. Within just a few months of taking Liquid Life he gained back his weight and looks extremely healthly. He says he now buys this product by the case.

by Jen G

Almost a year ago my 89 yr old dad fell down stairs, had a broken neck, SC injury TBI - was hospitalized 60 days. Week before I brought him home, he started LL. His bloodwork is EXCELLENT, and he has a nice quality of life! For 10 months I've served him and my 91 yr. old mom a "Morning Cocktail" of 3 oz chilled prune juice, 2 tsp Benefiber in Bullet. I believe that combined with healthy diet this contributes greatly to their overall wellbeing! Highly recommend.

Recent Purchase ...Love it!
by Johnny

I found this product at Sam's Warehouse and decided to try it. I have taken it for about two weeks now and absolutely love it! I usually suffer allergies pretty severely this time of year and noticed this past week that I hadn't taken a Claritin or any other allergy medicine in over a week! The only change to my diet has been starting the Liquid Life and I believe it has helped a lot. The taste actually doesn't bother me at all and absorption is simply outstanding. Highly recommend!

very good
by Kennedee

This multi-vitamin was recommended by the cashier at the health food store that I frequent. After trying several other liquid vitamin drinks, this was by far the best tasting. It did not leave an after taste. I have found the liquid vitamin drink for me, and will no longer have to endure swallowing pills. Great product.

by Angel C.

My mom just started taking this and said she absolutely loves it. It gives her lots of energy and she feels a lot better in general. She wanted a liquid where she could get all her vitamins and minerals without the hassle of taking pills throughout the day or swallowing huge horse pills that didn't go down that easily. I've seen a huge improvement in her; she's full of energy, happier, and almost seems to glow. This product really has made a drastic improvement in her life and she swears by it.

source of wonderful!
by tasha

I would not disagree that it tastes gross, but mixed into a smoothy, you would never even know it was there, until you felt it! It is so absorbable, probably the best liquid multi out there. I've never known a product to be so valued, I know so many people who swear by this product, and have for years. It really does have a cult-like following. It is a fantastic way to get your nutrition- and the proof is that you can truly feel the affects fast.

Tastes Terrible!
by Carrie Russell

I wish it tasted better. It has a great array of nutrients, and I am a huge beleiver in "liquid" multivitamins for the superior absorption factor. But, this one is thick & sticky & leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Tried It and Loved It
by Kenna McHugh

I was at my health food store on a day they were offering samples of liquid vitamins. I drank a tiny cup of Ultra Source. About 10 minutes later I felt great, like I had a ton of energy and very alert. The vitamins and minerals go right into your body's system.

A Blend of All Things Great!
by S

Ultra Source of Life Liquid is a concentrated form of a multivitamin, and gets absorbed very easily because it is in drink form. I love the taste and flavor; it's nothing like a Flintstone vitamin that many liquid supplements end up tasting like. The mango pineapple is sweet and almost takes like pure juice. I felt a change in energy levels after about 2 weeks of a daily dose of this product. It's a great value for all the multivitamins included too!

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burst of energy
by audrey

Very good, first time trying source of life liquid vitamin.
Within 30 day my skin is glowing, pimples going away, and nails are growing stronger. I will buy a product again.

good investment in health
by ellie

Not bad. I have purchased it from my local health food store. I like the fact that it is complete and thus very economical.