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by Judy Ronding

I've had weight loss surgery, thus pills are harder to take, and on top of that - liquid vitamins are hard to find. So I found this and read the reviews and was a little skeptical about the taste - I have to agree, it's not the greatest tasting product, but it does work great as a replacement for my multi-vitamin and relieves any nausea created by taking pills. Well worth getting past the taste - Super Product!

Very great
by Janis

Great product. My entire family is on it, and we feel great. It is really a great value too.

It's back
by Jim Burse

Vitabase has gone back to the original flavor. What a great product!

32 oz bottle by Vitabase
  • Over 200 nutrients
  • Provides the goodness of mangosteen, acai, wolfberry (goji), and pomegranate
  • 13 vitamins and 69 minerals, 6 Essential Fatty Acids
  • Digestive complex, and more
by Linda

Outstanding!Felt better after about 3 weeks of mixing it into my orange juice each morning-

New (old) flavor
by Jim V.

I was about to give up on this product because of the flavor, but am happy to report that Vitabase has gone back to the original flavor that we all loved. I guess it is sort of like Coke. I wonder if they will call it VitaComplete Classic???

Old flavor is BACK!!!
by Janet Dubec

Vitabase has given up on trying out the new flavors and is shipping the old flavor again! WHOOPEE!

I know a lot of people on here are going to be pleased.

Outstanding product
by Kat Bunce

Great value and great taste. My whole family takes it and we feel great. I think it is the one product I would take to a desert island.

Vitabase supporter.
by Vicky

I drink this everyday. Its a great product!
HOWEVER, I absolutely agree with all those people who liked the old taste better. I now have to "chase" the taste immediately after with other juice.
Seal and container issues occur now and then also, but I can tell that Vitabase is working on these issues as they come up. Good company!

Great value and tastes great
by Jim D.

I have finally found a product that tastes good and has good stuff in it. I am so through with the sugary fruit juices like Xango and Monavie that taste great but have no real nutrition to speak of. This product is incredible. Tons of great ingredients.

Boost of energy, but bad flavor
by Shannon N

I think this is a great all around supplement. But the flavor is terrible. I am sensitive to flavors, anyway, but this just tastes...bad. HOWEVER, this vitamin gives me a big boost of energy and I feel much better taking it. Like someone else, I also had weight loss surgery and I consider liquid vitamins a necessity because I need as much absorbable nutrition as possible. One other issue is that it is sweetened with agave nectar. Although many people believe it is healthy, it really is not and I would prefer that it not contain this. I'd rather have more stevia, xylitol, or even honey or sugar itself than agave nectar.

Great Product!!!
by Susan

I would agree with the people that mentioned taste. I liked the older version better than the new one. I wish they would bring the old flavor back. Overall I love this vitamin. i notice when I take it my nail grow thicker and fast, and when I stop taking it my nails stop growing. Great product!!! 1/2 star taken off because the taste changed.

by Tim Davis

This is by far the best product that I have ever taken. I reviewed it with my Doctor an she now recommends it to all of her patients. This is a testment to how good your products are. I also take the focus,stress and joint formula in the liquid. I appreciate the quality and the quick response of product delivery.

Excellent value
by Jennifer Coyle

Love all the ingredients. There seems to be a lot of debate about the taste. I actually like the new formula better. It is quite mild.

taste is... tolerable
by Andrew

I had Weight Loss Surgery and was looking for a liquid vitamin with a good supply of other beneficial nutrients. This really fits the bill. The taste is not the greatest, but I can tolerate it. Its a little high in carbs when considered part of a weight loss surgery person's diet, but all in all it seems to be a good fit.

Lots of ingredients
by Tom Bonikoski

Good value because of the ingredients. I replaced my multi, omega 3, fiber, and probiotics with this. Am saving money and getting more too.

Very good
by Jenni Cowell

I like this product. We have been taking it for the past few years as a family. I think it saves us a lot of money simply because it is all we take now. It replaces a lot of products believe me.

by See Ying

I love this product. I do the buy 3 get 1 free and it is quite reasonable. But it is a great formula for the money.

Good stuff
by James Burton

Have had great energy since starting this product three months ago. It has so many ingredients that it can't help but be beneficial.

Tastes pretty good
by Susan Rymes

My children take this product and I actually don't have to coax them to much. It could possibly use a bit more sugar, but I know that makes it less healthy. I am impressed with the formula.

Good job Vitabase
by Jim Barnes

Outstanding product that my whole family has used for the past two years.

Good formula
by Fanny Jesperson

Vitabase has a very strong product here. I have used their products for years, but replaced many of them when this came out. This is just a great single option for people that cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars a month on supplements.

Better than competitors
by Jim Collins

Very strong formula that tastes pretty good. I have retired many of the products I used to take because this has all of that stuff in it already.

Vitabase customer service absolutely rocks too.

Really really good
by Keith Kelley

I give it 4.5 stars only for the price. I know it is not expensive for what you get, but it is still hard to pay $30 during these tough times. The buy 3, get 1 free helps.

I do know it makes me feel great.

Like new flavor
by John Kelso

I have taken this product for years. I notice that some say they don't like the new flavor as much. That was me at first too, but now, I sort of think I like it better. It is just hard for people to switch after they are so used to the old "prune juice" flavor.

Great product, Vitabase

Best product for me
by Michael Brandenburg

I have taken many multi-vitamins over the years. This is the best. I like liquids and this one just gives me a very good pick-me-up.

Whole family loves it
by Starla Lynn

Well, the taste could probably be a bit better, but only by adding more sugar, which I am not in favor of. But my kids take it without any complaints, and I have no problem with it. The formula is just so good. We all feel great.

Just outstanding
by Lance

Great taste, unbelievable formula. For the price, this is absolutely the best option out there.

by Anita

My rating is based on the "ORIGINAL" product. We have been using for quite some time and have LOVED the product and its benefits.

Just received a new order. Had NO idea the product was changed. PLEASE go back to your ORIGINAL formula.

by Katie Parker

I used this product for quite some time and the flavor was wonderful and I loved it. They just changed the formula though and the "new improved flavor" is not as good!

My family uses it
by Phyllis Smith

We have all used this product for six months. It is expensive (do the buy 3 get 1 free to make it cheaper), but it is definitely worth it. We have been able to eliminate many other products because of this one being so comprehensive.

by John Bain

Great blend of an enormous number of vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, fiber, and many other things. I have taken this faithfully for years. Great product

awesome product
by klmiller12

This is high quality. If you can afford it, you should implement it into your health regime. Just read the ingredient list!

by Sarah

I really like this multivitamin, BUT I DO NOT LIKE the new flavor that they have changed it to. I liked it the way that it was and I DO plan on calling the company also and telling them.

Great Company
by Tim

If you read my last review of this product I stated they changed the formula and I could not stand the taste. Well after speaking with their customer service and explaining the situation they shipped me bottles of the old formula, I guess they still had some and hopefully they will continue to offer the old formula.

by Tim

I loved this product, it had the best taste of any liquid multivitamin and more ingredients. But they changed the formula to a new and improved taste, it is the worst tasting liquid vitamin I have ever tasted. I hope they will change it back to the original.

by Janice

I have taken this product for over a year. I have not been sick with flu, or sinus junk which used to plague me. I helps to keep me on an even keel which is important for being diabetic. It is easy to drink and easily absorbed which is what I love about it. I drink it every morning without fail.

by Ann

I have taken vitacomplete for a month. I am a 42 year old wife, mother of three teens, college student and fulltime employee. Life is crazy! I needed to maximize my energy and prevent the major drag of my monthly cycle. Vitacomplete has provided me with that. I can't beleive how great I feel. Late nights at work or studying and I am still able to get up and go early the next day. The taste isn't the best but I have adjusted. Drink it with a straw and you don't notice it so much.

by Mercedes

On my third bottle. This was the first year I did not
get the Flu or a bad sinus infection. I love this product. Easy to take and the taste is not bad. It has a prune juice taste. You can also mix it with any juice and then you don't even taste it.
I take it straight in the morning and it does not upset my stomach. I buy 3 for $114 and get 1 free that's the best deal. Try it and you too will be heathier.

by Greg

This product is great!

by Ellen

VitaComplete increases my energy level and stamina where other similiar products do not. Also, my hair stopped falling out and started growing back in while I was taking it. I was taking Intromax at twice the price of VitaComplete and could see no results. My ND tested me for both VitaComplete and Intromax with her biofeedback system and said I was asorbing the Vita Complete where I was not the Intromax.
Only complaint is the taste--guess we can't have it all!

Better and Cheaper
by johnnie711

I am a bit of a scrooge when it comes to spending money on things, but let me tell everyone that this product is, if not the best at it's price, then one of the top one's that you can buy and also works well ,if not better then the (so called) number one Vibe product which would cost you almost twice the money for virtually the same product.
I was taking Vibe for a couple of years, it's a very good product, until I looked for other liquid vitamins with comparable ingredients and your product seemed to meet, if not exceed, my expetations, and at almost half the price. I bought a bottle of VitaComplete to try it and, needless to say, I have been taking it ever since for almoat a year now. I would just like to finish this by saying, if liquid is the way that you want to go then you would be stealing from yourself not to at least try this product.

More alert!
by Anonymous

I was taking a liquid multi-vitamin for about a year before trying this one. It wasn't whole food based completely like this one is and got real sludgy after refrigerating it. I tried this one, knowing the large amount of B-12 that is in it. And I must say that it is a major improvement in content. I was very alert the first day and week that I started taking it. There is not as much Calcium in it as might be necessary (especially for women), but so far I am pleased with the price and overall results.

by Greg Long

Very good choice for multi. I am very pleased after six months of use.

Unbelievably good
by Marla Bram

I cannot believe this product. It is like a dream come true. First, it contains the ingredients of about 10 products. Second, considering what you get, it is not too expensive, we pay about $27 including shipping (by buying 4 bottles at a time). Third, it even tastes good enough for my kids. All of my family takes this.

Great product
by Jim Hughes

Like everyone else has said, this product is an excellent one. I use it religiously and so does everyone in my family. The taste could possibly be improved but that would be my only suggestion. We really feel like this is the one product we would choose if we could only choose one.

Life was a dream
by MacDowell

4 months ago, I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy. About a year prior, I had noticed that I was always fatigued and was becoming increasingly tired and always feeling the need to take naps. When the doctors discovered that I had this disease, they put me on stimulant pills for life. After 2 months of taking the stimulant pills, I still was still tired and needed to take naps. Life was very miserable for me and was causing a strain on my family.

I was taking vitamin pills until I learned about the absorption rate difference between pill and liquid vitamins. I never realized how much nutrients I was losing in pill form, so I started researching to find the best liquid multi-vitamin. I compared products from various companies until I discovered VitaComplete. They offered more than any other liquid vitamin on the market.

I ordered one bottle first to see if it helped at all before committing to buying 3 at a time to save money. The first day I used VitaComplete, I was awake and alert. I had energy for the first time since I could remember. It has been almost a month and not only have I not had the urge to take a nap but I feel like I have a life again. I will recommend VitaComplete to everyone I know.

Thanks from the MacDowell family.

This product is unbelievable
by John Fisher

Does not taste too bad. But, wow, what a formula. It has EVERYTHING in it, and no ingredients from China either. Vitabase is a GREAT company. They left a bottle out of my last package, and when I called, they offered to send the missing one to me for FREE!


The price for this product is almost unbelievable but it is well worth it to me. I think that this product was exceptional. It saved me from buying numerous of different products because all that I need is in it. You will need no other supplements when using this.

Great Liquid Vitamine
by noble

I have taken VitaComplete for one month now. I Just put it in my juice and drink it down. The taste isn't bad at all in O.J. I have noticed a change in my energy level and on my ability to focus. The easiest, and most common, result I see from this product is from the fiber. It's just an all around great product. I am going to buy more of this product for a long time to come.

Liquid Vita Complete Processes Faster
by Jan

I have researched the liquid vitamin craze. This is not only easy to take, it is easier for your body to process. There is no waiting on the pill to lay in your stomach and dissolve. The taste is not bad, and they use good ingredients. The price is not an issue if you figure 1oz daily for 32 days, which is a months supply. I find that is quite a good buy, considering that most of them, in liquid form, are much more expensive. I have taken Vita Complete for a month now, really like it, and will continue to be a satisfied consumer.

Good product, tastes terrible
by Ted

As far as I can tell, this is a good product. It seems to be one of the most complete vitamin products on the market. I am particularly taking it because I was diagnosed with glaucoma recently, and it has important nutrients for eye health. However, it tastes like cough medicine. The taste actually keeps me from using it on some days when I don't want to face it. I hope that the company will develop alternate flavors.

by Jon

I am nearing the end of my first month of VitaComplete. I've taken vitamins on and off for a long time, but I had a lot of trouble keeping up a consistent regiment because of the unpleasantness of swallowing a huge pill every morning. I tried some chewables, but those were not very nice to eat in the morning. Liquid VitaComplete goes down easy and actually tastes reasonably good.

I picked VitaComplete over other liquid vitamins because of the completeness of the formula. Also, the makers of VitaComplete, Vitabase, have a pretty decent website that unlike most other vitamin sellers, didn't totally sketch me out with poor design and ghetto looking products.

Vitabase is good people. They sent me a free tea sample and house-shaped tea steeper with my order!

Great Product
by Cindy

I was using Vibe for a few months, but their price was very high for a bottle, then they started adding shipping and handling charges and the UPS price was too high. I didn't want to spend a fortune on just one bottle so I searched the Internet and found VitaComplete. I got 3 bottles of Vitacomplete compared to one bottle of Vibe.
I have taken the product for about two months and feel good. I haven't been sick this winter (yet). The taste doesn't bother me.

simply the best
by Beverly De Souza

I was taking another excellent multivitamin, but I had to swallow six capsules. I hate swallowing pills , so for many days I would not take them. Since I bought the Vitabase, I take it every day in my juice. It is great tasting and I have more energy than before. Absolutely wonderful product! I am recommending it to all my friends.

Good Nutrition
by Beth

I have been using this product for almost one month. I was using another liquid supplement and then I started sharing it with my spouse, so the cost was becoming outrageous. I went on line and stumbled upon VitaComplete, which had most of the same ingredients plus more. When I purchased 3 bottles the cost was 1/2 of the other supplement. I have a hard time with the taste - I just drink it straight but I can live with it. I am relatively heathy with a high energy level so I haven't noticed any real change but I know it must be doing something good for my overall health because of all the good vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and it's all natural which is very important to me. A few years ago I was diagnosed with a form of eye cancer and cancer runs in both sides of my family so I am very concerned with maintaining healthy cell development. Not sure if VitaComplete will prevent my from getting cancer again but I don't think it will hurt. I never took vitamins before, but when I started I want them to be natural and good for me!

by cooldan

Many members of my family have been taken this supplement since I recommended it to them, and many have felt great. I've taken it for a few months and I tried it because it looked like it was worth it, and it is. The product lives up to its claims to the fullest of any vitamin out there, and I like everything about it. There is nothing to hate about it. It has a wide variety vitamins, which amazed me.

All in one product
by Frank K.

This is the one product I take (I replaced several products with this one). VitaComplete contains about 30 products in one, and I am sort of amazed that they do it without sacrificing quality. Including ingredients like Ester C (rather than just regular C) makes a big difference. It tastes like prune juice--certainly not as tasty as wine, but certainly not a bad taste either.

new test

The best product
by Nathan

I have never seen a supplement contain as much stuff as this Vitacomplete. It has over 200 nutrients. Besides vitamins, minerals, it also contains the popular fruits such as mangosteen, acai, and more. I have been using this product for about 3 months, and am very happy with it. The taste is not great, but it is not bad either. It sort of tastes like prune juice and is fairly sweet. It has not performed any miracles for me, but I tend to be a fairly healthy person. The price is very reasonable considering that if you tried to buy the products individually it would cost a fortune.
One thing that I really like about the product is that it contains the lyco-mato brand lycopene. I use to buy this brand of lycopene for about $12. The exact same dosage is in each serving of Vitacomplete. This makes the price even more attractive for me.
I plan on continuing to use this brand.

Good energy source
by Matt

I could tell a difference immediately upon taking VitaComplete. My energy and endurance throughout the morning was noticeably increased. The taste is not bad and it can even be mixed with water or juice if you don't like it straight. I like that it provides so many different nutrients including fiber in one small dose. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a broad spectrum multivitamin/mineral source.

2 Customer Opinions

Old flavor
by Lance Brown

Bee, the old flavor is BAAACK BABYYY! I am thrilled that Vitabase listened to their customers on this one. I was just sick thinking I might have to switch products.

by Bee

While still a great product, it seems the formula has changed. This product now tastes like grape paraffin wax. Please roll it back to the old "flavor" as this tastes terrible!