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by Joe

This product had no effect on me I took like a month's worth of it. It's not worth the money.

by wayne driver

enzyte doesnt work for me

Good product, and I like it a lot.
by Bruce

How it works for me: While not the be-all-end-all like some people think Viagara is, Enzyte works extremely well for me in terms of much easier arousal, hardness, and duration. I am 48. I didn't think it was doing all that much until I ran out of it for a few weeks, which is when I really noticed the difference. For the first time in my life, I started wondering if my equipment would rise to the occasion and work properly when it was time.. and several times it didn't. I attributed it to stress, being tired, etc. Then I bought some more online, and within 2 days my doubts vanished, and everything worked properly again. The best way I can describe my experience with Enzyte is to say it is an excellent support supplement which makes an obvious and important difference to me. Does it make me bigger? Nope. Does it make me much harder easier, increase my libido and stamina? Without question. This works for me, and I don't get heart palpatations or the caffeine/kava jitters like I have with some other products. I will continue using it unless something better comes along.

by Tom Johnson

I'm 50 years old, and well when it came to making love with my wife, was having some problems staying hard. A friend of mine told me to try ENZYTR, so I did. WOW what a difference it made. My wife even asked what I had done different and that I had never been able to go that long before. The heck with the blue pill guy I'm a Enzyte man now.

It does work
by GD

I bought it at walmart now i always get fully hard

To all those who say it doesn't work ...
by Joe in OKC

I am a 45 year old healthy guy. I ride my bike an hour a day, every day. I am generally a fit guy. But when it came time to have to get it up, I usually could. At the beginning of intimacy, I was rock hard, but it usually faded. When it was time for intercourse, I sometimes couldn't get hard enough for insertion. I got on the internet and read some articles about how Enzyte contained ingredients proven to increase blood flow to the penis. So, I tried it. Religiously I took it for the month that was $4. For the first two weeks, I didn't really notice anything. But when it hit, it hit. BIG TIME. I am hard from beginning to end, and man, can I shoot a load now. Do I worry about insertion? HELL NO. Now, I haven't noticed the slightest increase in my size. I was 7 before and I just measured it five minutes and I am still 7. So I guess, if you're looking for size change, I can't vouch for that. But if you're looking to get hard and stay hard, don't knock Enzyte until you have stayed on it for a while. It works and $39.95 at WalMart works for me. And don't go thinking I am some representative from Enzyte. I'm a hard working teacher in an inner city high school.

What a joke
by Brent Carroll

Give me a break. I can't believe I got suckered by this product. Does not do anything.

This stuff works
by Stephen

This is a great product and it really does work. This makes you a lot more sexual. I take this a lot. It makes you larger and give you more energy for that special time.

by Kyle

I got the 30-day trial. It works great! I'm embarrassed to say this, but I was not pleasing my wife so I tried Enzyte. I got the 30-day trial. It works great. My wife is very happy in bed, now we do it more often; pretty much whenever we can. I am very happy with the product.

I'm not sure why Bob is happy now...
by Kerry Hays

Ya know those commericals, with Bob and his golf clubs, and Enzyte being awesome? Yeah, don't listen to those because this all natural stuff does not work. I may as well have just drank a 5th of whiskey because I can guarantee it would have had the same reaction. Sad and lonely.

Did Nothing
by Dustin

I saw the commercials so hey I figured why not try out the trial. I did, and it was a total waste. No difference noticed in the bedroom whatsoever. Once you are done with the trial, these things get expensive, so there was no way I was trying any more. Give the trial a shot if you really want and see if it works different for you.

What a waste!
by Josh Brown

In my aging years, I've tried numerous products to help keep the bedroom aflame with my wife. Upon seeing the commercial, I ordered the free sample. Some one must have switched my Enzyte with some white "Good and Plenty" candies cause it worked just as well. I would never buy this product again, due to its complete misadvertisement and uselessness.

by MC

Okay, I love this stuff. But let me tell you, just as much as I love it, my wife loves it twice as much. That or she loves me when I take it. I've used this for 3 weeks now and I love it. It's natural so I don't have to worry about chemicals and there is a free trial. I suggest getting the free trial and see what you think. I think the trial costs $7 for shipping. Its worth it. This stuff works as well as they say and then some. Don't just take my word for it, order the trial, then post your own review.

Completely worthless
by Ross

I received a free sample of this through the mail and decided to give it a try. For all intents and purposes, this might have well been a placebo because it did absolutely nothing in terms of increasing size or libido. Definitely not worth the money.

It Does Nothing
by Ronald

I kept on seeing those commercials over and over and one day I finally gave in to try the free sample pack. I used all the sample and didn't notice any improvement at all. After the sample, I found out that the company automatically signs you up for monthly payments when you request the free sample. I called to cancel it, and they made it very difficult. This product tries to bring mens hopes up but instead it lowers their self esteem.

Not Worth It
by Lecrisha

My ex-boyfriend decided to try this because he was a little insecure about his size and the commercials implied that it would make him bigger. It was fairly expensive for the product, and trust me, there was absolutely no change in his size. It was just a waste of money.

Works ok, but...
by Jordan

I saw lots of ads and now I see free offers and a money back guarantee. If you expect it to work right away, then this is not for you. I recommend getting the prescription pills instead. You have to take it once every day. It takes about week before you see any effects. It claims that you will notice optimal performance after you take it for 3 months of daily use. I haven't taken it 3 months yet, so I can not say if that is true or not.

I noticed it does improve my performance little bit. I will say it improve me by 50%. I wish it was 100% though. Is it worth getting it? Well, that's really up to you. Since I do noticed an improvement, I will continue using it.

Good stuff
by Alex Grossman

A friend of mine was having problems in the area of performance and asked me if i knew of anything that would work. I suggested he try this after seeing the commercial and he told me that it has totally turned things around for him. So, I give it 4.0 because I think its a great product and would recommend it again.

by Mark Cooper

This product claims to improve male potency. I suffer from erectile dysfunction. This product did not help at all. I ended up going to the doctor and getting Viagra and that does work perfectly. This product is a waste of money. They also have you on an automatic shipping cycle so you need to cancel if you do not want the product or you will be continuously billed and shipped.

Not for me
by JH

Enzyte did nothing for me. I am 28 and extremely health conscious. I was curious and got a free sample from the website. Maybe it works better or more effectively for guys with pre-existing problems. I believe if you are healthy and potent, you don't need this. Hey, the sample is free, so give it a try and find out for yourself.

by Michael G.

I tried a free sample pack after viewing many advertisements on television. I was very unsatisified. I had horrible stomach cramps and it did not produce the results I read and was told they give.

Not tonight, dear
by cindy

We bought this for my husband , thinking it would help. Not a bit of difference. We used it quite a few times and at no time did he notice it helped. Very disappointed in the product.

Potentally dangerous product
by Cady

My husband got a free sample package from the website. He tried it and it worked...a little too well. He ended up developing priaprism, which is an erection that last more than 4 hrs. After an 11 hour hospital visit, we called the customer service number. The rep was extremely rude and laughed, as if we were making it up. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this product!

Need help in bed.
by Dav926

I'm embarrassed to said this, but I was not pleasing my wife so I tried Enzyte. I got the 30 days trial. It works great. My wife is very happy in bed now. Now we do it more often; pretty much whenever we can. I am very happy with the product.

by M

I've read so many positive reviews about this product, but when I tried it there were no results whatsoever. I'm not saying Enzyte doesn't work, it just doesn't work for me.

by James Zitzmann

This is the best male potency supplement I have ever used; I would swear it is a prescription. It increases size as well as virility. I recommend it.

Tried it, Didn't like it
by Lois

We got the trial of it and just didn't see a difference. Nothing, no libido back, no size difference. So then they do auto bill on it and send out three more months of it. We never received it, not that we wanted it. I was going to send it back. It took several phone calls and having to threaten reversal of charges and they still only wanted to refund half. Like I said we never received the shipment.

It took almost a month to get it cleared up with the billing and no shipment problem, but they finally refunded my money. They even tried to keep the shipping charges, for something I never received and told me when they received it back they would refund me. Well we can't send something back we didn't receive.

But I will say we just didn't see any changes with this product at all. Might work for others but didn't work for my hubby.

Great Product
by Jeff

This is a great product and it really does work. It will help get that libido back and seems to work rather quickly. I definitley recommend it to all.

Bigger and better...
by Tiffany

I myself have not used this, but my friend and her guy were having issues and I got her a 30 day trial of this. Well, all I can say is she's gone from no sexual intimacy to every day (and another kid)!

This stuff works
by Garrett Black

This makes you a lot more sexual. I take this a lot. It makes you larger and give you more energy for that special time.

This really works
by April Smith

Although I am not a man, let me say this product WORKS. My husband has libido unlike anything I have seen before. It seems to also work in increasing size as well. Results can be seen very quickly with the product.

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