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Very good
by N. Calone

I have used this product for several years. I take it as a daily supplement. I credit it with acutally reversing my ED.


My husband tried this and he said he saw results but wasn't crazy about it. I haven't noticed a major change but it did increase his stimulation. It does not cost a lot.

Fairly Well
by Ali

In the past, my partner and I have tried a few different Herbal Enhancements, some working better than others. This one worked fairly well, not as good as we would have liked. It took a week or more to start to see any effects. I think it is worth a try for couples who have time together. Do not try this if you are looking for immediate results because you will be disappointed.

All good
by jennifer

My husband and I have tried many enhancements in the past, but I found Libido rev to be extremely helpful to be an herbal supplement. We have no complaints now, and would recommend partners to try this product.

Moderate effectiveness
by T. Danger

My partner and I tested many different herbal libido enhancers, and never truly found the desired effects. We had the best luck doing "trial runs," that is, taking the supplement for a few days in succession.
This is one of the libido enhancing supplements that worked the best, though not as well as prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Moderately helpful
by S. Schultz

This supplement is moderately effective in stimulating the male libido. The effect is long term, do not expect immediate results. Give it at least a week or more. Works well in conjunction with Ginseng and L-Arginine.
One important proviso: If you are suffering from BPH, enlarged prostate, this supplement will tend to aggravate this problem.

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