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by Rudolph P

Worthless junk. I bought this product a couple years back and was very embarrassed. I am surprised its still on the internet.
by Da

Best product I've ever used. I'm rock hard and can last for hours.

stay erect with your dissapointment
by chris

I bought this stuff and have been using it for more than two months and it has not even a single percent it helped to solve my problem. Its an absolute crap . So friends who read this, my advice is please don't buy it . The truth is if a product can really solve a problem then automatically that wil be apreciated and get by known everybody like Viagra.

Finally something that works
by Joseph Thomas

You have probably read a lot about male enhancers. I've tried a few and this was the one that worked best for me. It lasts a long time and it is safe. It doesn't have some of the chemicals commonly found in these kinds of pills. The one thing that I didn't like about the product is the cost. I am paying around $1.50 every time I want to get intimate with my wife. I still buy these and I will probably do so for a few more years, or until something better comes along.

Stay Erect
by carol1560

I bought this for my husband as a little joke. But boy the joke is on me. It made him like King Kong beating his chest in the bedroom. The nice thing about it is that you do not need a prescription. The price is just about the same as Viagra. Viagra is the king but if your man does not want the embarrassment of going to a doctor for ED. Stay Erect will keep you UP nights. My husband definitely would want to say that he would purchase again

Never be ashamed
by Arlene

Ok, I know some one who used this product. He has been taking it for about a month now. He was having problems having to stay erect and some one told him about this product. It was interfering with my sisters feelings, so they decided to try it. She loves it, he loves it, but one problem - he loves it a little too much. What I mean is that the product work great, but now she feels that its only the pill and not him..but hey I guess she will need to get used to it.

I am a man again
by Tian

Since last month my friend told me that there is a way to get rid of my affliction in being a man. I have tried Stay Erect for about three weeks. This attempt fully changed my life. My wife said that I am a man again. Thank you, Jag. It not only helps me stay erect longer and seldom ejaculate suddenly, but also helps me conquer the troubles in my mind. I think its price is suitable for me to buy it more in the future. Thanks again.

by Sean

I didn't know the problem of erectile dysfunction could be tackled in any way until I tried the Stay Erect capsules. Now I have the ability to not only reach erection but maintain it for an impressive amount of time only comparable to my teen years. It's wonderful! I plan to share it with some of my coworkers.

Pretty good, not worth the price
by T. Danger

I would have rated this a 5 except for the price. While cheaper than pharmaceutical male enhancers, the hefty price tag makes one think it will be more effective than other less expensive varieties. It does work, that much is true, but I still think it is too expensive. Still testing out male potency herbals to find our favorite.

Need some more!
by Sean

I wasn't exactly sure how exactly this male enhancement would work for me before I tried it, but now I'm a believer! This kept me going for about three times as long as I usually go. Me and my wife are very satisfied about how well this product works for me, now she's been waiting for me to get home every night so we can get some alone time together in. I'm extremely satisfied with how this works for me.

by Sean MacRitchie

I might need my old lady's words for this one. She loves it and so do I. This stuff is cheap to. We have looked all around for something better/cheaper and I'm happy to say I am back baby. Jag Enterprises has this area cornered.

Does what the name says!
by Herman

Bought these for my uncle a while ago. He has been having trouble getting it up ever since he hit the 40 year old mark. He gave it a try and called me up saying how pleasantly surprised he was at the results.

I love this
by Gblack

I am getting up there in age and it's hard for me to stay hard for a long time. My wife picked this up for me and told me to try it. It works really good. This is one of the better ones I have tried.

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