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by Ellis Dee

I does what it claims, except it makes your heart race and you sweat like mad. I gave me headaches and I wished I had never taken it. Stay away

felt body too hot
by Craig

raised body temp, felt too hot for comfortable sex, did not enjoy it

can't say i felt anything sexual
by Arnie

i have had better results just taking tribulus by itself, can't say it's worth paying more for this formula

The search continues, I guess.
by Sean

I have tried many male enhancements before, and none of them completely satisfied me. I tried Enzyte before this, and thought that perhaps the hype around it was very mis-directed. I had high hopes going into Male Fuel. And it worked...for a time. But after a bit of use the product just plain stopped doing anything for me. I can't say it was completely useless, though, so I give it 3/5.

by rao

This product has worked very well for me. I am completely satisfied with it. I had a low sex drive and a problem with ED. This product gave me the boost that I needed and I plan to continue using it.

by Jennifer

My husband brought some of these home a couple of months ago and well, I can honestly say that it was probably some of the best sex we have had in years and we have been married for 15 years! We will keep buying these!!

Awesome Stuff!
by Ted

I recently tried this and it was incredible! I've read about a lot of these male potency products but was always skeptical. Well, I now believe in at least one of them (and so does my wife!)

Better than Yohimbe Alone!
by mike

I tried Yohimbe alone but the staying power of this product is better. Takes about 2 hours hours to work for an ability to get an erection lasting about 2 days. Also increased night time erections. What a surprise.

Its like a fuel pump
by Bharat Parameswaran

Well my title says it all. I think this will keep your spirits pumped up with a couple of doses. I have tried this and I recommend everyone to give it a shot and see how your potency level goes up few notches.

Works too good!
by Corey

This product is very potent, which is good. Not only does it boost your energy during the day, but also at home in bed. I have never had more stamina!

Increased potency
by James Zitzmann

This is one of the many male potency drugs I've tried, and it does work as intended. It is similar to Viagra in that you'll have an erection for about 3 hours, depending on how impotent you are.

by Jaime

My husband takes this stuff because he works out a lot. Let me just tell you, WOW, this stuff really works. It works all day long. It a great value for the money.

Male Fuel Indeed
by Geoff

I took this product about five years ago because I had read that yohimbe increases testosterone production, and I was heavily into bodybuilding at the time. I didn't count on the side effect of walking around with a constant erection. Let me tell you, this product works as intended.

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