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This Python has a big bite...
by asktj

I started using Python about 8 weeks erections wouldn't last long enough to satisfy my drive...I needed a great testosterone booster with additional natural stimulants and a semen booster for a good nut...The first night kept me up and I got dizzy - from a mix with a Monster drink...since then, I take 48 hour breaks to cool down from the rush and the hardness of the erection...we wake the neighbors up in the house across the yard - twice :-)

Good 2 Go!
by The BigFish

I tried Python and it actually worked. My man meat is harder and I'm lasting longer. I take 1 pill during the day or two if I think I may be getting some bunz later on. Only downside is I get headaches sometimes after sex. Overall a good pill for the price!

by Brian

Turns out the dry mouth was me getting sick with some sort of virus. Anyway, I'm better now and gave this another shot. Basically got the same benefit as last time, but none of the side effects. I would recommend this product. For the ones that didn't achieve an erection were either not stimulated enough, or they may have problems they should speak to their doctor about.

Kind of weird
by Brian

The good: Very strong erection, and clear headedness. Helped when writing up a report for work.

The bad: VERY dry mouth. Even after eating it made me feel sick to my stomach. Keep in mind I'm the kind of person who can usually chug a Redbull while eating chocolate covered coffee beans and barely be phased. It made me urinate a lot (probably do to the constant need to intake water...4 half liter bottles within a few hours). And, VERY DRY MOUTH. This is taking two pills a day. I will try using one and see if the dry mouth subsides. A good product if you can get over the dry mouth.

A waste of money
by Bob

I purchased this and tried it out as directed. It had the same effect on me as a good cup of espresso -- a little wired, but nothing going on down where it counts. Taking it in the evening just kept me awake during the night. It's cheap and I guess that's what you get.

Effective results
by Lorri

Since my husband is on medication that had affected our love life and his erections are not like they used to be because of his meds we asked our doctor if this was safe for him to try. He took the 2 pills about an hour before we went to bed and let me tell you the next morning we both woke with a smile on our faces. Now the doctor said he couldn't use it too often but it was so nice to be intimate again like we used to. We plan on using it a few times a month just to be sure it doesn't affect his health.

Whatcha gonna do brother?
by Kerry Hays

Whatcha gonna do when Python Extra, and it's super potency formula runs wild on you? Seriously though, fantastic product that kept my vigor and energy all through the long hours of the night. I wouldn't say two pills are needed per day, as it made me feel like part of myself was going to explode. So with the pill about a half and hour before any excitement, it's a hell of a value!

A bit of a Let Down. Literally.
by sean

I purchased this product not too long ago expecting the "Python power" of youthfulness to return to my loins. Unfortunately, after using as directed, I found it incredibly hard to maintain an erection without beginning to feel faint. It was as though a constrictor was cutting off the blood supply to my head. I would avoid this product given its unusual side effects.

by leo lee

I am 40 years old, married for 10 years, and the plumbing has been fine. However, I have noticed a little less energy, stamina and firmness with my buddy for a while now. Have always had a healthy sex life starting from early on and found myself longing for the sexual stamina that seemed to be endless, especially in my 20's. Started taking the product over 1 week ago and have since noticed an increased desire, higher energy levels, very much increased stamina and sexual endurance, and my buddy's actual firmness is greatly increased.......more than expected. I can't say how surprised my wife was when all of a sudden she was with the marathon man she fell in love with a long time ago. I realize that life does not revolve around sex alone, but the change has certainly put a jump in my step. My confidence has also taken a jump as well. I must add that my rebound time has been significantly reduced. Lately it has seemed that 24 hours was necessary to regain enough energy on a good day, however, Python extra has put multiple encounters back into our lives without that feeling of being completely drained. I can't say enough how great this product has worked. I am certainly glad I found Python extra. (I hope it isn't all psychological or the laugh will be in me I guess!)

Python? Hardly.
by T. Danger

My partner and I tried this mostly because it was inexpensive and we wanted to do a "trial run" before making a major investment on the pricier varieties. I suppose we got our money's worth, but performance was not as improved as it could have been. Oh well, try, try again!

Works not too bad
by James Zitzmann

I tried this particular enhancer about a year ago, and I have to admit, for its price it sure does work good. It may not work as long as some of the more expensive ones, but it is sure worth a try.

this works good and quickly
by gblack

Me and my wife used this 12 times a month. It keeps you going and hard. This is really good and cheap. I would recommend this to somebody.

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This Stuff Works
by Reggie Johnson

Wow i used this stuff about 3 hours before i started to get busy..All i can say is she tapped out and she always says i run out of steam to fast..So just let the good times roll.