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Lack of Sleep
by Joseph

This product works very well if you are determined to work out and gain stamina. However, it is sometimes like caffeine for me because I tend to lack sleep every time I take it.

Good Product
by toddm

While a little on the expensive side these Herbalife capsules will increase your energy. I noticed an increase in my energy levels after 2 weeks. I feel better and have been working out more and harder. I will continue to take these as I feel they really help me.

Does it really do anything?
by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

Didn't feel anything.. My mother is a Herbalife dealer so I thought I'd give this a shot.. Didn't really feel any effects. Perhaps this is for older men. I felt there was no difference in energy level to be honest.

Work Out
by Eric Forbes

I currently use this when bike and work out at the gym. Within a week I could tell the increased energy I had. I could go longer on the bike and treadmill. Back to back to! I used to drink a coke or 2 to give me the caffeine energy but it made me feel disgusted after the work out. Now I have energy, but not the ADD kind. Works great for the older men!

Makes a man of ya
by Cara

My dad is a retired motocross racer and recently he's started to get the mid life spread. Disappointed but determined to do something about it, his buddy recommended Male Factor. Within a month, my dad was happier and able to lose some fat weight but gain some muscle back in his arms. The product gave him the motivation to get off the couch and try to workout again. It's been great to see him feel better about himself and next month he's racing in the 50+ class.

by Kyle

Great product once you get into the routine and begin to take it every day. As someone else mentioned it is especially great for those who work out and lift weights. I feel much more stamina when I work out.

great steuff
by zach r

I take this every day, and I have been able to bench 10Lbs more.

Everyone should use this product!!!!

Great for the Weight lifters
by Tejas Patel

I work out regularly and before taking these pills I would feel the pain for 2 days after. After the use of these pills the pain is gone the next day. If you are going to take them I would suggest taking them right before the workout.

This stuff works good
by Garrett black

I take this stuff every day. I take it because it makes me feel better and gives me a kick.

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