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by yolonda j

very gentle great scent

by Holly

Very nice shower gel with copious amounts of healing essential oils to help ease muscle aches and fatigue. I recommend it.

Holly Aglia
Certified Aromatherapist

by tammy hiatt

This product leaves you feeling refreshed. It makes your skin feel smooth, reviltiazed.

shower gel
by heidi

I received a sample of this in the mail recently and brought it on an over night tripwith me and used it. I loved it so much i bought two bottles of it the next day. One for me and one for my husband! It smells so good and its so relaxing in a hot bath. I highly recommend.

by Gayla godbey

This is a good product. It has an invigerating scent that seems to last. It also lathers well and leaves the skin feeling soft.

by TIM

In my 20's, I hardly cared about using anything in the shower except for soap and a shampoo because I was always on the go. In my forties the shower is more of a time to relax and feel reinvigorated for the day. This shower gel does that very thing. No-nonsense here. After the shower you just feel better and ready to face the day.

by Robin Baker

I love this product it is is gentle and natural. It has a really nice scent and works really well. I feel so luxurious when I use it.

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by ale


nice product.
by its a decent product.

I own almost all of the kiss my face products, and this definitely makes my top 20 list. After a good run, or workout this is the perfect thing to use in the shower.