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by shappy

I was using flomax and everytime I stood up or bent down I thought i was going to pass out. Horrible horrible product.

I will say though it worked in one day to get me flow perfect and not pee 3 time a night

5lx eventually took hold and that is what i use now. I will try and combine it with something else to give it the same results as the flomax. Probably works at 85% of how flomax worked

by james

“I read in the past New Chapter did the bait and switch with a mushroom product. Now I see in this write up they’ve done it again with BONE STRENGTH TAKE CARE ?!?!”

Double Advantage
by RynallBrannock

I bought Prostate 5LX, not for any reasons or reason to do with my prostate but to block 5-Alpha Reductase (the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT which causes hair follicles to atrophy). Prostate 5LX contains both Saw Palmetto and Stinging Nettle which are widely known to reduce the amount of DHT in the body. It gives my prostrate a boost at the same time and I am doubly delighted at the tremendous benefits I am receiving from the product.

by George Vassallo

This product has already worked wonders for me. With a former prostate supplement, I was going to the bathroom once per night. After only ONE week with Prostate LX, I slept through the night soundly from that point on. Amazing! I feel like my overall health is now in good hands.

Fantastic Prostate Health Product!
by Kerry Hays

The combination of nutrients and herbal supplements in the Prostate 5LX have not only helped to keep me healthy, but have also increased my sexual performance and drive! This is a fantastic product and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to help themselves stay healthy and fit!

Bottoms Up to Prostate 5LX
by Steven Kilpatrick

I'm a 25 year college student who spends most of his time in coffee shops and not enough time worrying about my nutrition. So, a few months ago when I noticed a swelling of my prostate I freaked out a little. I started asking people how old you should be before you get an examination. I started checking into the symptoms of colon cancer and worrying about a dozen other things that a 25 year old guy doesn't want to think about.

When I finally got around to seeing a doctor about it, he told me something a little sobering. I was drinking too much caffeine and eating too much spicy food. If I cut back and added some green tea, olive oil and less spice to my life, I'd probably see a reduction in no time. I explained my busy lifestyle and he told me that I could find most of the stuff I needed in different supplements designed specifically to ease the prostate. So, I found the product that had everything I was looking for and that product was Prostate 5LX. I was disappointed to lose spicy foods for a while, but the swelling went down, true to my doctor's advice, and my fears of colon cancer went away as well. The other perk of this product is that the ginger and green tea are excellent for the body for a myriad of reasons and the soft gel format means that you don't have to wait as long to absorb the supplement. If you're not experiencing swelling, I'm not sure that you need it at my age, but it was invaluable at the time and for anyone at risk for prostate problems, the product has a dozen other great supplementary uses.

prepare yourself!
by tasha

This product from new chapter is a must for all men. After working with supplements at one of the nation's largest natural and organic supermarkets, I became very familiar with this product by speaking to men who use it. I have heard only positive feedback, from both men who use it as prevention as well as those who need some assistance. There cannot be enough great things to be said of new chapter's quality!

Men, take note
by Anthony

I don't have any prostate problems at this point in my life, but I've known enough men suffering from it that I am taking Prostate 5LX daily because I trust New Chapter and the quality of their ingredients.

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