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Helped give me my Life back...
by Christine

Until recently, I had not thought much about what was happening to my body as I continued taking Activive for several months and suddenly I realized today that I had not experienced hardly any discomfort for some time.

So may I say a huge thank you for giving me back my life? I take only one Activive a day now, but do not like to stop at present as it's so lovely to live a normal life once again.

I don't like to go without this product
by Elsa

Taking Activive really helped relieve my discomfort and made my life bearable! So I have ordered some more Activive and plan not to go without it! I just wish there was a distributor in Australia so it was easier to buy and I could recommend it to others. Thank you to the creators of Activive.

Huge Change in my Life
by Regina

I am 35 years old and I have had occasional chest and joint discomfort and everything that goes along with it since 2007. I was on several different chemicals, and they all had a lot of side effects, and none of them seemed to be working.

It has been three weeks and four days since I started Activive. I feel like a whole new person. The discomfort, fatigue, headaches, and sadness have been relieved by 90% and the chest discomfort has also been relieved dramatically and that is just within three weeks of starting Activive.

Great company!
by Cjeune

I love MicroNutra! I've used Activive for about a year and I have more energy. My body does not ache like it used to. If you run any really good deals I would like to hear about them. Thanks!

Only took one week!
by Rehna

I started taking Activive and after one week I noticed the discomfort easing and my energy level increasing. After two weeks and since then, I am so energetic and rarely feel discomfort. Every day I can't believe the way I feel! I've regained my quality of life. Anyone who went through what I did knows the suffering and it's hard to put into words.

Changed my life
by Robyn P

Activive seriously changed my life. 5 years ago I was basically bed ridden because of constant muscle discomfort and fatigue. I had tried every kind of medication but I still had bad days. After 12 months on Activive I feel fantastic. I am working full time again and I have more energy now than before I became ill.

Wonderful product
by Amy P

Up until recently I was always tired and stressed. I tried energy supplements and caffeine by that only seemed to mask my symptoms for a few hours. I started taking Activive and now I have my life back and I can actually enjoy my days. I also found that I lost a little bit of weight.

Mental fatigue solution
by JoAnne R

My neurologist recommended I try Activive for my memory issues and mental fatigue. I take 2 capsules twice a day and have for over a year now. It gives me those extra hours I need.

Answered my prayers
by Nancy M

For over 20 years I have struggled with occasional fatigue and discomfort. I have tried many different products and Activive is the first that I can has been any benefit. I feel like since taking Activive I have lost 10-15 years of bad health.

Natural Ingredients
by Lynn S

Activive has all natural ingredients, thats why I tried it in the first place. After only 4 days I started to feel more like myself again. I don't think I could live my life without Activive, I have 4 toddlers and they need their mom at her best.

Feel much better with Activive
by Carole K

I have been on Activive for a year now. My memory seems better and my discomfort has decreased. It is an extremely good product.

I take Activive and it gives me more energy
by Wilfred D

After 9 months on Activive I have had positive results. Before Activive I had no energy. Within 3 weeks I noticed change. I have also noticed now after 9 months that I am building muscle and becoming stronger. My neighbors have noticed a change in me and often comment that I look better and seem happier. I still do experience some degree of pain every day but Activive helps me cope with my condition better. I would recommend this to anyone with muscle and fatigue issues.

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