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Mega Men Sport

Performance formula for active menEnhanced with BCAA50 mg B-Vitamin ComplexAdequate nutrition is essential for both optimal health and athletic performance. In fact, proper nutrition during training is one of the keys to success.Strenuous workouts can deplete the body of important nutrients, particularly minerals and water soluble vitamins. Exercise can also increase oxidation that, in-turn, increases the production of harmful free radicals. Features a proprietary sports blend that includes Green Tea, Ginkgo Biloba and key amino acids. This scientifically designed formula also provides B-vitamins that are essential for carbohydrate metabolism and energy production.* Enhanced with essential amino acids known as branched chain amino acids (BCAA). BCAA help to reduce the amount of protein breakdown during intense exercise.*Includes a premium blend of antioxidants that protect the body from cell-damaging free radicals. Consumption of antioxidants such as selenium, beta-carotene and vitamins C and E can protect the body from excessive production.* Supplies key minerals such as zinc and chromium that are involved in carbohydrate metabolism and glucose utilization.* Minerals play an important role in maintaining health and are involved in key processes in the body.* Timed-release caplets provide a gradual release of vital nutrients.
Product: Mega Men Sport
Brand: GNC (More Products)
Size: 180 TB
Retail: $34.99
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1 Customer Reviews

Solid product
by Andrew Bryant

I'm a 34 year old male and am about half-way through my first bottle of mega men sport. I haven't used many vitamins in the past, however I have frequently taken protein shakes which contain some vitamins. My energy levels have improved as well as my focus. My urine was neon for a few days, but has returned to normal as my body appears to be utilizing more of the vitamins. The price is pretty good, so i recommend.