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Mens Pack Daily Vitamins

The men’s pack provides vitamin C, E, Selenium, a B complex and a multivitamin. Vitamins C, E, and the mineral selenium are important antioxidants. Antioxidants fight to stop cellular damage. B vitamins are involved in many reactions that take place in our body. They are needed for proper metabolism, mental function and have recently been linked to heart health. And, an additional multivitamin/mineral supplement ensures adequate intake of other important vitamins and minerals. Choosing supplementation based on gender is a smart way to start a nutritional supplementation program. Men’s Pack can be recommended as part of a daily regimen
Product: Mens Pack Daily Vitamins
Brand: Nature Made (More Products)
Size: 30 packets
Dosage: 1 packet daily
Retail: $12.69
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16 Customer Reviews

by Willam Tonihka

I've used such products in the past & from what I've experienced, I'd say that this is the best product on the market today for men's health. Extra energy is what I like about it.


I purchased these for my husband. He was well pleased with the vitamins. It has everything he needs to get through the day and has some energy left for me at night.

The absolute next best thing
by Jeremy P

I am a natural fan of Nature Made and this multi-vitamin is no exception. The price could be a little better but it's not completely unreasonable. I have only bought and tried this once about 4 years ago so I suppose that says some things about it in itself. They energize you throughout the day and are very close to what is said about them. In my opinion, they are worth a try and good for active men who are serious about their health.

Easy use
by David

I originally used vitamin packs sold by Costco, but I disliked the extra and unnecessary energy portion of the packet- the pills were not labeled nor were the names of the pills depicted in any way on the box. Thus, I decided to switch and try this brand which contained nothing more than I wanted- a good multivitamin in easy to open pack.

Mens Pack Daily Vitamins
by Laura Bailey

I highly recommend the Men's (and Ladies) Pack vitamins manufactured by Nature Made. I believe that they make "quality vitamins" designed with the ingredients and milligram amounts that a man needs, which differs from a woman.

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