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by ant

i have been taking for 1 month i have more energy my skin is clear i feel better all around

by Anthony

I started taking this product to get more energy! I am pleased with the outcome. I've noticed that the dry skin on my face has gone away while taking One a Day, one a day!

by Darius Hadad

I got extreme strain and dry mouth at nights after taking it for 25 days. No other effects.

Improved energy level
by Michael

I am 32 years old. I have a hypothyroid problem. And I take medications for that as well as for cholesterol and tryglicerides. I was finding myself constantly lethargic and unenergetic. I have been taking the One-A-Day Men’s Health Formula for about two weeks now, and I have already experienced a drastic improvement. I feel a lot better, and my energy level has at least returned to normal. I also feel more immune, and I even noticed a considerable improvement in my heart health. I think this vitamin really does make-good on its label as having unique multimineral health benefits. It probably is one of the best health vitamins for men currently on the market.

My hair doesn't fall out in the shower anymore.
by Doug

I guess i had some vitamin deficiency related to the health of my hair, but the absolute common denominator is Mens One A Day. When I am taking it, the drain in the shower does not have a little chia pet after i'm done. When I don't take it, I have to clean the drain off so it will flow. The second most noticeable effect it has was an increase in my urine stream. I know, ewwww! But it's true. It has improved a bit. Certainly not what is was in my hayday, but any improvement is good. My brother also said this aspect improved for him when he takes it. I am 47 years old and my brother is 49.

Stomach Pain and Discomfort
by Ostrg

I get stomach pains every time I take this product, even with plenty of food and water. After doing some research, I noticed others with the exact same problem. However, besides the stomach discomfort, this is just like any other multivitamin pill. There aren't really any noticeable health benefits or effects. And I'm sure any noticeable benefits are due to the placebo effect.

Husband and Father
by Tom Johnson

I'm a 50 year old male who does not always eat right. So I started using One-A-Day Mens about 2 months ago. Now I always have energy, feel better, and I even have been sleeping better. On my last Doctor's visit, my cholesterol was even down. And I have also stopped taking those energy drinks to keep me going every day. One-A-Day you have me for life. And that may even be longer now because of you. Thank You.

Reduced my prostate pain 90%
by Bob G

I have had uncurable prostate pain for almost 15 years. No doctor could help me. This vitamin took the pain away! I don't get extra energy from it, but just to be rid of the constant pain is a real blessing!

Mens One A Day
by Tammy

I currently take womans One A Day vitamins, My husband was not happy with the brand he was taking. He tried the mens one a day vitamins and said they make him feel better every day. He is 50 years old and on a lot of prescription medicine for his heart. The price of these vitamins is very reasonable and usually has a coupon available.

Husband's Brand For 1 A Day Vitamin
by Erica

After getting a recommendation from the doctor that my husband should take a multivitamin, he started to take this product daily. We were pleased to see that the size of the pill was not gigantic like alot of supplements. This is much less costly than taking multiple pills for the same effect.

my husband's one-a-day
by RMA

My husband takes one of these and a fish oil supplement with breakfast every morning. We like that this contains Lycopene for prostate health, and is a fairly easy to swallow pill (its size is smaller than its women's counterpart). We think this is a very good everyday vitamin supplement.

1 aDay for Men
by Donna Albright

I started buying this for my husband about 6 months ago. He was not big on vitamins. I use the one a day for women, and I told him how good i feel from them. So he started these.A few days later he was saying to me I dont feel anything. I said give it at least a week. After about 2 weeks he was feeling a big difference in his stride, health,and bowel movements.He was hooked on them from then on.I have bought him 4 bottles of these for him now. He says he will never change to another one.

1 a day
by Dane

I started getting aches and pains more frequently as I have gotten older and didn't want to use pain relievers. So I tried "One a Day" and have noticed that I don't have as many now and I seem to be more alert. Works for me!

one a day vitamins mens formular
by tony

Don't eat many fruits and veggies, but by taking ONE-A-DAY MENS VITAMINS and have not gottin ill yet and i have been around people that were ill with the flu, trust me i believe if it were'nt for these vitamins I would have gotten ill like I use to get before I started taking one a day for men I am 50 yrs old and do very little exercise.

These vitamins should cost 20.00 a bottle per 100 tab not the natural one's I get from the health food store.

one a day vitamins
by mike

A few years ago I was spending mega bulks on these natural vitamins I was getting from the health food store. And maybe once or twice a year i would get mild flu symthems especially if someone in my family was sick.

Started taking one a day mens formular vitamins a year and a half ago and I have not gotten ill yet Bayer keep up the good work.

Why not coated?
by Patrick K

Why is the tablet not coated like most other One-A-Day multi-vitamin products???? Really diffficult to swallow, in fact, to the point I will not hassle with it and go back to the regular MV. Anyone else having this problem? Hard to believe a product would go to market like this.

one a day formula for men
by tim epley

thank you for having a product out their for men i have been taking them for over a year now i ran out a month ago because my job went on short time and i felt like i was tired all the time i just went got me another bottle of them i use to get cramps in my leg i dont no more when i take the one a day i dont get so sick so often

One A Day Men's Health Formula
by Mike

Ive been taking One A Day Men's Health Formula for quit some time now and Ive got to say it is great . I haven't had a cold or flue sense Ive been taking it . I feel healthy . It seems that these vitamines help to keep your resistence up . Ive passed this along to freinds and family to try One A Day . Good stuff.

by Errik

I've been taking One-A-Day Men for over 5 years with great results, because of the extra kick I get in the mornings, due to more energy being released.
However, I've noticed that if I stop taking it for a few days, because my supply runs out or I'm traveling, etc., I experience kind of "withdrawal" symptoms (i.e. weakness, despondency, etc.), as if there were some substance in the supplement that generates dependency. This is something I intend to ask my physician.

One is a number I can deal with
by Q

I have a fear of ingesting too much of anything. So, to my delight, once a day works for me. Sure I still take other supplements too but having a product that provides a lot of what I need in one dose is a good thing. I highly recommend this product or any vitamin or nutritional product that helps you stay healthy. There are a lot of factors in our day and age that causes all sorts of ailments at least if you stay healthy you are doing your best against whatever threats are out there.

Great Product
by TK

I have been taking this daily for the last year. I take it for general well being and I'm pretty healthy so it can't be hurting.
This is the best value for money I have found so far. I will definitely continue to purchase these vitamins.

by Darla

My husband is very happy with this vitamin. He is bad at taking vitamins for the most part but since he only has to take this one he is actually sticking with it. He says that it makes him have a little more energy during the day and it is a good price for this product.

Great Product
by toddm

Highly recommend this product to all men. I have experienced increased energy and feel great since taking them for a month. Try them out. Great Product!

Excellent Formulation
by Judith

I have purchased this product for my husband for the past two years. He takes it daily and we have both noticed that he has more energy and an improved sense of well being. The nutrient formulation is designed for men and provides a well rounded supplement. I heartily recommended this to all the men in my family. Excellent product.

One vitamin does it all!!
by theepa

This is the vitamin my husband takes on a regular basis for the nutrients, he doesn't receive from his every day diet. The price is great and one bottle lasts him for approximately three months. It is also easy to digest and doesn't leave a taste in the mouth.

One-A-Day as a lifestyle
by Kristin

My husband recently incorporated these into his diet, when he started to eat better. These vitamins have been of great benefit to not only complement his change in eating, but more as a lifestyle change. There is no after taste, they are easy to swallow, and easy on the digestive system. They are easy for the men to incorporate into their daily lives, as my husband is never keen on taking vitamins, medicines or going to the doctor. So one a day has been beneficial.

Good Product, but huge pill
by Bryan

These vitamins are filled with nutrients, but the pills are huge! The pills also taste very bad, and if you have trouble swallowing pills the first time, the taste could very quickly nauseate you. Also, these are huge pills, so they are not recommended for anyone who has trouble swallowing pills. Only take them if you can handle the pill, and don't mind the taste for a little bit.

Perfect choice
by smitha

My husband used to feel tired before trying this. He's been having this for the past 6 months and now he feels great and full of energy.

Makes Me Feel Great
by Robert

My body feels like it runs at optimum efficiency when I take one of these pills. I feel more alert, better when I exercise, and better when I wake up in the morning.

Good Choice for my husband
by Kathy

My husband takes these on a daily basis. Working 12 hours shifts for sometimes weeks at a time, he says he feels more energized than with any other vitamin that he has ever taken. They seem to have even boosted his immunity at some levels, helping him to stay healthier during the winter months. Recommend these to men all ages!

One-A-Day for Men
by Kyle

I love this product, especially since it is easy to take. I like taking one pill as opposed to multiple vitamin pills and substances. Since taking them, I have begun to feel so much better. Well worth the reasonable price.

This is great!
by KimP

This is the multi vitamin that I used to buy for my husband before we discovered the liquid vitamins. It works great! It doesn't have any aftertaste and he always felt better after having his daily vitamin.

Too strong
by Andrew

These are great vitamins if you can stomach them. Everytime I try these they sit in my stomach and cause abdominal pain. I believe the concentration of vitamins is too strong for me.

Works Great for my Dad!
by Andy Moua

My dad takes these before he heads off to a long day at work. For his age he works a lot to support the family and the only way he can do this is by taking One-A-Day. He feels so much better and energized that he even does chores around the house after work! Great stuff!

Must for the guys
by JH

I actually felt better after taking this for a couple of weeks. I know I don't get all the vitamins I need through my daily diet, so the peace of mind alone that I am getting my daily vitamins is well worth the price. Speaking of price, this is a great deal for something so vital to us and something that needs to be taken everyday for the rest of your life!!

Vitamen's are good for you
by Melissa Zee

My boyfriend takes these vitamins everyday and ever since he took them I notice he's more alert and energized. He's able to do things he wants. Taking vitamins is healthy and I recommend One-a-Day Men's Health Formula for all men.

by cooldan

I take these everyday and I feel great! They are fairly priced and make you feel energized for the whole day. I've been taking these for about 5 years now and I can feel the great difference. If you don't get all your nutrition in for the day, this is the next best thing!

Felling better already
by Alex Grossman

My father has always been quit a hassle to get to take anything that wasn't natural. He would always tell me if God intended for me to have it it would be natural. Well, I finally convinced him that it was honestly really important that he take something. Well, I finally convinced him to take this. He called me up the other day and said,"Wow, I really can tell a difference." I said, "told ya dad."

one-a day
by devla

My husband has been taking one a day for a couple of months now and has said that he feels so much more energized. This is an inexpensive way to go and this product works!

My husband will actually take these
by Jen W.

I have tried for a long time to get my husband to take a multi vitamin. It has always been a struggle. I bought these vitamins for him and had to remind him for about a week to take them. After about a month, he says that he can actually tell how much better he feels. I am happy that he is taking a vitamin and even happier that I no longer have to beg him to do it.

by Mike Huang

I have used these pills for about a month now and have noticed the change in my life. During my school lectures, I'm able to relax more and stay awake. Without these vitamins, I'm unable to do activities that I've always wanted to do in a day's time span.

by sherry

I heard that taking vitamins daily increases life expectancy by 6-8 years. This brand is trusted by my whole family. I love that they have different kinds of vitamins that gear toward women, men , energy, weight loss, etc. I don't like to guess when it comes to my family's health . When I find something that works and is specifically formulated for myself or my husband, or child and it is a trusted, good brand, then why use anything else?

If you need to stay healthy
by KM

My husband takes these everyday to stay healthy. If you don't eat right and your on the go all the time, this is a great product to get all your vitamins and minerals.

Keeps your energy going
by David

I began taking this vitamin recently as a daily supplement and really like it. My energy seems to have increased and I simply feel better in general. I work out nearly daily and One-A-Day seems to fit in well with that lifestyle. 4.5 stars because if it were a gelcap it would be even better...but I've been very happy with One-A-Day!

Very Good
by Shane

I use this to stay healthy as well as for an energy booster / maintainer. I can noticeably see a difference when I forget to take one of these vitamins. When I do take one I do not notice any bad side effects. This product is great.

Couldn't tell a difference
by Hava Lyon

My husband took this brand of vitamins, and then when his bottle ran out, he started taking another brand of vitamins. Thus far, we haven't been able to tell any difference in his energy level or his immunity against colds. They both have seemed to work okay, although not fantastic. If you need a multivitamin, this one is as good as any.

Keeps your energized
by Tejas Patel

There have been many things I tried after getting surgery but this was the only thing that helped me get my energy back. It also seems like there is something in it that helped me sleep better. Try it out...this stuff really works.

Who needs 8 hours of sleep?
by Jeremiah

I took one of these vitamins about 3 years ago for the first time after a night of significant drinking. It worked better at killing my hangover than anything else I've tried. I've taken one just about everyday since, whether I'm drinking or not and I feel great. Even when I don't get much sleep, I can make it through a long day at work and school when I take one of these. I would highly recommend these vitamins to anyone looking to supplement their diet and feel better day in and day out.

My dad loves it!
by Albert

What a great product. Ever since my dad has been taking these he seems like he has more energy and takes more of an interest to what I like to do. It has also helped him stay healthy and not get sick. Thanks a lot, One A Day!

My husband is a better person
by Mindy

My husband's doctor recommended the One-A-Day Men's Health Formula to him for his tiredness. He seemed to lack any energy lately. After starting these, you could tell a difference in his energy level and attitude. He is now ready to go at all times, and seems more relaxed.

by John S.

I have weened off of all the vitamins just to try this one. It works just the same as the other ones I have tried, but at least it works.

A great vitamin that gives a great feeling
by Ian

I have been taking One-A-Day vitamins for men for a few years now. I can honestly say that the product works. I have found myself to be getting sick less often then I used to. Also, when I am sick, I get better much faster. The other great thing that sets this brand apart from others like Centrum is the fact that it is tailored to a man's body. This vitamin does not contain iron, since it has been shown to increase health risk. It also has lutein for eyesight. All in all, I would recommend One-A-Day over others since it is tailored to your anatomy.

Love these!
by Louis Chang

I have been using One-A-Day Mens Health vitamins since last year, and I really can feel the effect it has on my vitality everyday. I have recommended them to my whole family and my brother and father both take it now. We have not run into any major illnesses yet. I definitely recommend this!

All You Need!!
by Troy

I was a Bayer employee years back and purchased many products. The One A Day Men's Health Formula provided my body with everything I needed. I do not eat many fruits and veggies a day as I should. I feel confident in this product that my body is well nutritioned now. You will notice a difference for the better witihin a few weeks after you begin taking this product.

Works for my hubby
by shilpi tandon

I am so happy that I bought these one a day multi vitamins for my husband when he used to get tired very easily. This has worked wonders for him. Now my husband has been taking them regularly since last one year and both of us are very happy with its results. This comes reasonably priced and works great.

Keeps My Immune System Strong
by Eli

I would often get sick because I have a weak immune system. Taking One-A-Day has shielded from sicknesses. I highly recommend it.

Husband Loves It!!!
by Jaime

My husband was always worn out. I got these for him and he started taking them. After three weeks he was feeling better. He had more energy and did not complain near as much about being tired and worn out. He never misses a day of taking them. This was the first vitamins he had taken since he was a child.

Hubby tried these!!
by B. VanDyke

My husband loves these vitamins and they really give him more energy and patience with the kids. His health has improved as a result of these vitamins.

One-A-Day keeps the colds away!
by Gordy

I cannot recommend Bayer One-a-Day enough!! I was a germ magnet and often found myself having low amounts of energy throughout the day. Then one day I noticed my girlfriend taking a One-a-Day for women and asked her about. That night I went and bought one of the 100 tablet bottles. I must say that taking the (rather large) pill once a day has been a blessing. I knew that with my fast paced life and constant interaction with school children at the daycare I worked at that I was seriously lacking some important vitamins AND being bombarded with all kinds of cold/flu strains. Ever since I started taking these, roughly 1 1/2 years ago, I found that I was more upbeat, energetic, and avoided all major cold/flu outbreaks at school and home! I initially thought these were just another gimmick until I experienced the results.

**It is important to note (as another reviewer stated) that there is such a thing as 'overdosing' on a certain vitamin - so if you are a health nut that eats a ton of fruit and vegetables, vitamin waters, and eats well-balanced meals you don't necessarily need a multi-vitamin as you are probably getting the recommended daily amount for most major vitamins. Be smart and be sensible**

I feel that anyone who doesn't have time to make healthy meals, workout regularly, or needs some natural energy should give One-a-Day a chance - you will be pleasantly surprised.

Once a day, and forget it!
by Brad

Being a father, it's important for me to stay healthy to keep my energy level up. This vitamin I will take with breakfast once every morning, and thats it! I have noticed I've had fewer common colds since taking this vitamin.

My Husband Loves Them!!
by Joyce H.

My husband bought these for himself because he would get very tired when he was at work. Within the next week I started to realize that he had more energy and wasn't getting as tired as he was the week before. He has taken the vitamins every day for about a year and a half. I recommend these to all the men who have been feeling unusually tired lately .

Husband loves it
by suz

I bought this for my husband after I noticed he was acting a lot more tired and just kind of dragging behind. I talked him into taking it and he really does notice a difference since he started it. I used to have to remind him with other vitamins to remember to take it, but with this one he seems to look forward to taking his vitamin. He even asked for more when he ran out last time, so I know that if he is even asking for it, then it must make him feel better. I like that it is made especially for men.

The right choice!
by mari Hermann

This vitamin covers all the daily needs for men. It is slightly smaller than other multi-vitamins my husband had tried and therefore is easier to swallow. He likes the added prostate protection in this multi-vitamin and the fact that since it's for men, there is no added Iron (which most men do not need).

not bad
by CG

Pros: You only have to take one pill to get all the vitamins and minerals it contains.
Cons: Size is pretty big. I think only an adult could swallow it. By the way, I am not sure whether all the minerals and vitamins are what we need. There is a possibility that too much vitamins will have any negative effect on your body. (Because you already get some in your daily meal)

Great Multivitamin
by Justin

I think this is one of the best products out there for maintaining all around health. After starting up on a regiment of "one a days" I have had more energy, and can't remember being sick once. I highly recommend this product.

Like everyone else
by Adam Paul

Like everyone else, I have taken these to build energy. The vitamins were a spectacular way to boost energy and I loved the ability to go-go-go without having to take an afternoon nap

Good Well Rounded Nutritional Supplement
by Michele Fair

I bought these for my boyfriend over a year ago, and now it's the only multivitamin we buy for him. He really likes this brand a lot and says it gives him a lot more energy. He has Crohn's disease, so he cannot process foods as well as most people, and this multivitamin really helps with that.

My husband's formula
by Chrislyn

My husband likes this for the energy it gives him. When he runs out, he notices and requests that more are purchased for him. It doesn't conflict with his other medications either.

A prostate's best friend
by R. Todd Woodstock

This a fantastic product for clearing problems I have had with my prostate in the past. I highly recommend it for good prostate health. One of the first supplements I retrieve from the supermarket shelves. This should be used for all men reaching the age of forty.

by Andrew

I have been taking this vitamin for 2 years now, and so far so good. I like this vitamin because it isn't overkill with the amounts of each supplement. The pills are a standard vitamin size.

A Vitamin my husband likes
by Lori Strehle

My husband usually doesn't like vitamins, but he doesn't mind taking One-A-Day Mens. I like the fact that he will take them without complaining and I think that they are a good value for my money.

2 Customer Opinions

by Wes

Misleading claims:supports prostate, supports blood pressure, supports heart health. HOW is this done, and what proof is there? Its snake-oil selling taken to new heights.

Pros and Cons
by by Donald Kelly

I Started taking this product about a month ago and I notice that the white spots on my finger nails were not growing from my cuticles anymore and I also have more energy. But I also started to experience abdomen tingling and tingling in my legs some time acute pain in those areas. I also experience unwanted weight loss. I've stop taking the product for one day and there's no pain. So I don't know what to do. I may try taking half a pill every other day and see what happens.