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by carmanmm

My boyfriend has been taking these for about 2 months and he seems like a whole new person, more energy, just feeling better in general.

it makes a difference
by barb

Got a bottle of these vitamins from a friend and my husband tried them with great success. He has been taking them for about four months, and feels better in general, and has noticed an increase in his energy levels also.

Way too expensive.
by Jake Tess

Nothing special about this product. As usual, too high priced.

My father loves it
by TD

My father, in his late fifities, has been using this product for some time now. We all can see the difference it has made in his daily life. He has more energy which translates into him doing more things. His exercise regime has become more regular now and he is happy with the results.

Vitality for Men
by Mark

I am really into sports and I need an extra lift sometimes. Vitality for Men is absolutely the best supplement that I've ever tried. It gives me the energy that I need to perform at the game and after the game.

no results
by Ashley

My fiance took this for about one month until he ran out. It didn't give him any energy boosts and he was always tired. He would always come home from work completely exhausted and worn out. While I don't think Vitality for Men caused this, it definitely didn't help. He was of course healthier for all the vitamins it provided him with, but it didn't change his alertness or strength. I wouldn't buy this product again....

Lots of energy now!
by Jerod

I take the Vitality for Men Multivitamin every day. I do take the iron free form because I get plenty of red meat in my diet, probably too much. This has given my a boost of energy that I didn’t have before. My diet isn’t that healthy so I feel good about taking this to fill in the gaps so to say.

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