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by Willam Tonihka

I've used such products in the past & from what I've experienced, I'd say that this is the best product on the market today for men's health. Extra energy is what I like about it.


I purchased these for my husband. He was well pleased with the vitamins. It has everything he needs to get through the day and has some energy left for me at night.

The absolute next best thing
by Jeremy P

I am a natural fan of Nature Made and this multi-vitamin is no exception. The price could be a little better but it's not completely unreasonable. I have only bought and tried this once about 4 years ago so I suppose that says some things about it in itself. They energize you throughout the day and are very close to what is said about them. In my opinion, they are worth a try and good for active men who are serious about their health.

Easy use
by David

I originally used vitamin packs sold by Costco, but I disliked the extra and unnecessary energy portion of the packet- the pills were not labeled nor were the names of the pills depicted in any way on the box. Thus, I decided to switch and try this brand which contained nothing more than I wanted- a good multivitamin in easy to open pack.

Mens Pack Daily Vitamins
by Laura Bailey

I highly recommend the Men's (and Ladies) Pack vitamins manufactured by Nature Made. I believe that they make "quality vitamins" designed with the ingredients and milligram amounts that a man needs, which differs from a woman.

Great for on the go.
by SR

These packets work wonderfully for my husband, who is constantly on the go. If he has to wake up every morning, find bottles of vitamins, and then get just the right dosage out of each bottle, there would be no hope for him and the vitamins. Thankfully with these packs, he can grab one before he leaves for work and take them on the go. Definitely worth a try!

Love the Packets & Vitamins
by Ron

I really like the packs so much better because they are easier to take with you. Everything you need for the day all in one pack, and there is no hunting through bottles and sorting things. I was taking another brand vitamin, but my wife suggested that I try these, as she had heard they were better vitamins. Of course, she was right! I have changed from my other brand, and do feel a difference in my overall energy, so I must now be getting what I may have been lacking. Not a bad price for a one month's supply. I will remain their customer.

Great Supplement
by Dave

I have been taking Men's Pack Daily Vitamins everyday for over a year now, and you know what? I have not been sick once this whole year. I really think that they have done a great job boosting my immune system, and they come in pre-sealed packs in a easy to store box. I have one box at work and one box at home, very easy to use and cheap for vitamins. Great product.

Keep them Healthy and Happy
by Melissa

My boss was constantly getting sick earlier in the year and he would ask me how it was that I would never fall ill to the coughs and colds that were passed around the office. I showed him the multivitamin that I take for women. He laughed and said that he'd take it, but it's only for women. My response was that I went out at lunchtime and purchased him the Mens Pack Daily Vitamins. At first he laughed at the joke but he stopped laughing and became a believer after he started taking this item daily. Now, I have a happier, healthier boss who appreciated my good dead and this product.

Vitamin Packed
by Christi

My boyfriend asked me to run by the store and pick him up some vitamins on my way home one day. I didn't realize there would be so many to pick from so I decided to get a pack to make sure I had everything covered. I knew Nature Made was a reputable brand and the price was reasonable. I took them home, he tried them and he loves them. Not only does he feel better but he has a lot more energy. He said these don't taste great but he has definitely had a lot worse. The only drawback he mentioned was how huge some of the pills are in the pack which means he has to take them separately instead of all at once. He loves them!

Too many pills
by Kathy

While the concept is good, all the pills you have to take makes it a hassle. My husband tried these for a while, my father in law purchased them when he ran out of his normal vitamins. So he offered to try something different. The pills were also huge! Needless to say, as hard as it is to get him to remember to take a daily vitamin, this wasn't the vitamin for him. The rest of the box wasn't even used. Great company, just not the greatest idea.

Daily Vitas
by Nams

I thought Nature Way was a good product. It wasn't as strong as the brand my husband used, but he did feel the difference when he took them. They didn't upset his stomach, or cause any side effects. I'd recommend them to friends and family. He continues to use it.

OK Product
by Kyle

I didn't really like these vitamins. While I do believe that they worked well, I didn't like them for other reasons. As someone else said, the pills are HUGE as opposed to other vitamins. I also didn't like that fact that it was multiple pills, making it more of a hassle.

Another quality product from Nature Made!
by Christine M.

My husband started taking these vitamins a few months ago and he loves them! He said they have a great combination of all the essential vitamins needed. He also said he could not believe the difference in his energy level within a month of taking them! Plus, they are an excellent value, from a top notch company!

Big pills!
by TMCole

My husband tried these a while back and found that the pills were just HUGE! He could have cut them in half, but for the amount of pills per pack, it would have been a tedious task, not to mention double the amount of pills to swallow. He didn't like the fact that they were so large and now the remaining pills sit in the medicine cabinet unused. For some this may not be a problem, but for him it wasn't worth it.

nice balanced supplement
by K Morgan

My husband used this pack and says it is very well balanced, having all the major groups of vitamins.
He says he felt energetic and had a strong sense of well being. It was a cost-effective expense and he says he will continually purchase further kits.

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