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Take one before the gym
by Chris Carter

Before I go to the gym, I like to take something that will energize me. My Dad bought a bottle of this two weeks ago and he lets me have some before I go to work out. He uses it before a long day of construction, and it works out good for the both of us. We are probably going to buy our own bottles in the next few weeks as we are running out. My alertness is definitely boosted and the pills were very easy to take down.

Good Stuff
by J

Although this product doesn't have ALL the vitamins I would have liked included in it, it still has a good deal of them for a daily multivitamin. When I took this pill it gave me great energy throughout the day and combined a few of my essential vitamins into just one pill which worked out great. I like the taste of these pills too, maybe you will, too!

Great Product
by Ryan

I began taking For Men Only Formula vitamins a little over 6 months ago, and I love them. They give you a great balance of Vitamin C, D, and E, and have really helped boost my immune system, and alertness. I take one in the morning, and one before I goto the gym after work. This is a great product.

by james

For Men Only Formula is the best. I work long hours outside everyday. Before I started taking it, I felt like I never had enough rest. After taking it for a few weeks, I started to feel better. I woke up feeling rested. I even sleep better at night. This stuff really gives me what I needed to have energy throughout the day. I take it as labeled. I would tell any guys to try it. It really helps me not to feel drained day in and day out.

Energy Times Two
by TP

I am normally not that energetic due to the fact that I get up really early and get to sleep really late. It instantly feels like I got like 2 extra hours of sleep when I wake up. Well worth the price.

Decent Results
by Jeremy Rose

This is a decent multiVitamin for men. It is quiet expensive for only 30 capsules, which means that this will only last 15 days! Not a great deal. But if money is no issue, this supplement will give decent results to any man, just not as great of a result as other multivitamins for men.

Finally, something for me!
by Dan

For Men Only works incredibly well. I'm typically a very active person, always trying to get things done and not really having much time to just sit down. This product does the trick giving you that extra energy to get through the day. I can't imagine another product working any better than this one.

Mens Supplement
by Jeff

This product works quite well as a supplement. It gives that little extra boost throughout the day without the comedown of some of the other products I have tried. Also, the price is very reasonable!

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