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by Dale

I don't know about potency, because I just began taking these today, but people saying that GNC is cheaper doesn't make any sense to me. I just bought these for $24.99 but it was buy 1 get 2 free! Which makes it 3 bottles of 90 capsules for $24.99. The dosage is 2 per day, so that's 45 days per bottle which means they will last me 135 days! FOR $24.99!
Show me a deal like that at GNC or basically anywhere else. It looks like most of their products are buy one get 2 free or something like that, so if these vitamins work for me, they will definately get my repeat business!

Flawed negative reviewa
by AC

I dont know what the people below are talking about when they say these vitamins are too pricey. If they truly are frequent customers of Puritan's Pride then they should know this company always offers a sale especially on their top sellers. Typically you can get two bottles of 90 caplets for $24.99 or five bottles at $49.98. This is way cheaper than anything comparable at GNC. I've been using this multi-vitamin for 5 years and have yet to find a better quality one at a better price.

If it wasn't for the price they'd be nice
by Jeremy P

I tried these when they were on sale back in 2003 and they have a decent level of potency. I would NOT buy these vitamins for $24.99 unless I had no other choices, but I do. If your going to start taking these, I suggest that you not take them on an empty stomach. If you're anything like me, you'll get nauseous if you take these first thing in the morning with out eating. The ironic thing is the fact that I usually love Puritan's Pride products-take at your own risk.

Too pricey
by Amie

My husband was run down and working a lot. I am a big fan of Puritans Pride because they have great products at great prices. This was one product that I wasn't impressed with. It works, but it is too pricey. My husband took the vitamins and they did help with his energy level. I was happy that he was getting the vitamins he needed. When I ran out, I picked up another brand that was significantly less expensive, and he had the same benefits from the less expensive product that he did from these. So I would say this is a good product, but too pricey.

Do not buy these
by Ryan

I tried taking these a few months ago, and for the price that they charge you, you can find a much better vitamin on the market for much cheaper. Try GNC's brand, or One-A-Days, they work just the same as these, and your body is only able to breakdown so much vitamins per serving, and these just have too much for your body to take, so it just goes to waste anyways.

by Katelin

Green tea and soy are the two things that I constantly recommend my father add into his diet but he absolutely hates the taste of both. As soon as he told me that he wanted nothing to do with them, and was just looking for a simple vitamin, I knew that Puritan's Pride was the first brand to check out. These vitamins couldn't be simpler to take and make my father feel wonderful.

Puritan's Pride is my entire family's go-to brand. They always deliver quality products at a reasonable price and these vitamins are no exception. This is exactly what my father needs to feel healthy and energized, and I highly recommend them!

ultra vita man
by barbara

When I purchased these for my husband he squawked and didnt want to take them. He is diabetic so he takes a number of medications daily. But his energy levels were very low and being under a lot of stress I felt it was important and convinced him to try them. We are both very pleased to say they work. He hasnt felt this good in years. He has more stamina, excersises more often without becoming exhausted and thinks more clearly. Now he wouldnt dream of missing a day without them.

by dee

I bought this vitamin for my husband since his work is very demanding (for being a car salesman). Ultra Vita Man is perfect for him, he manages to have extra energy after work and for our family.

He never encounter any side effects, Ultra Vita Man is perfect for him.

Great Vitamins
by Sean

Vita Man is a great vitamin to keep around to keep yourself going strong. It is such a great thing to keep your body healthy with such a simple tablet. I have been taking these for a while and I have been feeling great.

Perfect vitamins, herbs and minerals just for a man's needs!
by Noah K.

I started taking Ultra Vita Man last year after switching from a liquid vitamin supplement. I chose to switch based on reading up on the different nutritional needs of men versus women. As a 30 year old man, I felt the evidence of a major difference in needs based on gender made scientific sense. In particular I was looking for an all around vitamin/mineral combination that was tailored to the male needs, especially in respect to prostate support, as I have a paternal genetic history of prostate disease. I was also concerned with the the need for extra minerals and herbs to provide antioxidant ( through lycopene for one ) and cardiovascular and immune system protection ( as found in Co-Enzyme Q-10 and garlic ). This product seemed to contain those plus just about everything in amounts sufficient for even a relatively young adult male's needs. Along with all the standard range of vitamins and minerals, it contains oyster extract, spirulina, lutein, and elemental chromium, which is needed for the oxigenation of cells of large muscle groups, especially valuable for men like me who are very active in sports or weight training. I find this to be the most COMPLETE formula for my needs, and as only two tablets per day are needed, Ultra Vita man is easy enough to remember to take in the morning with breakfast. An excellent and high quality single alternative to taking a cornucopia of many different supplements all to address different male needs!

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