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Coral Calcium

Coral Calcium is another nutritional supplement that is "primary" in nature. By primary we mean that Aloe Vera works on the entire immune system, water works in every cell of your body, and calcium affects the pH of the water in every cell of your system. People look to calcium because if your system is acidic it won't matter what nutritional supplements you take for healing benefits because none of them will work in that environment! In order to bring your body's pH out of disease inducing acidosis into disease free alkalinity many people are choosing to use calcium. This is a very wise choice except that if you use generic calcium that you can purchase anywhere for $3 per bottle you will not only fail to raise your pH but it will give you a nice case of diarrhea!

Above sea level Coral Calcium is the oldest and most concentrated form (below sea level Coral Calcium in unavoidably diluted with sand!).
Product: Coral Calcium
Brand: 21st Century Designer Health Products (More Products)
Size: 1 bottle
Dosage: as directed
Retail: $24.95
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