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CalMax 4 Pack

Calcium is one of the best defenses against osteoporosis. The FDA claims that regular exercise and a healthy diet with enough calcium may help teens and young women reduce their high risk of osteoporosis later in life CalMax is an instant mineral powder with the 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium often recommended by doctors. Each serving provides 400 mg of calcium, 200 mg of magnesium and 500 mg of vitamin C.
Product: CalMax 4 Pack
Brand: MPDirect (More Products)
Size: 5 oz.
Dosage: 0.5 teaspoons 1 - 3 times daily
Retail: $86.60
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6 Customer Reviews

Excellant product!
by Nancy D. Lawhorn

In the past I used Calmax to strengthen my nails with excellent results. I can't remember why I stopped using it, probably my ADHD kicked in. I am much older now and recently had a bone density test and found out that I have borderline thinning bones. I remembered getting excellent results using Calmax for my nails so I ordered 2 jars of it. After taking Calmax, once per day, for a very short time, I noticed a change in my acid reflux. I had acid reflux surgery some time ago but still take medication. Even with surgery and medication I still experience aspirating acid causing flu like symptoms for up to 10 days. With Calmax I no longer aspirate acid. I believe now that I had no need for surgery and really wish I didn't go through with it. If I had just changed my diet and not stopped taking Calmax I wouldn't even need medication. No surgery, no medication, I'd be normal. I will continue to take Calmax for the rest of my life and I do highly recomend it!

by M. Hartstein

This product is very soothing and easy to take. Most calcium, magnesium, and vit. c products irritate my digestive system. This one does not. Many of the pills contain soy, etc., and other products and I get the same upset digestive tract. Since it is $25.00 per 20 servings I am always looking for a cheaper product. However, up to now, I cannot find one as good.

Good but high
by Jennifer

This product was overall good for bone health, but the price was just way too much out of my league. I have found a lot of other products that produce the same results, but less of a price.

Bye Bye Muscle Cramps
by Ashley Helander

I used to have bad muscle cramps, and when I went to the doctor they told me it was because I wasn't taking in enough calcium, so I started to take calcium pills. The cramps lessened, but were still there causing problems, and it wasn't until I started dating my boyfriend that his mom pulled this off of the kitchen shelf. She made me some and I was a little wary, I must say it doesn't taste the greatest, but since I've been drinking them, I have had zero problems with calcium cramps! I would highly recommend to everyone who needs help with bones and muscles! I've seen firsthand results and know this really works, unlike vitamins which you only retain so much of anyway.

Great for bones!
by Herman

My grandmother started using these after she noticed that she has symptoms of osteoporosis. I remember when she showed me her hands and they were all crooked. After taking CalMax 4 for about 2 years she showed me her hands and they were much more straighter! It was amazing!

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