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by Pat Smith

I was diagnosed 5 years ago with osteoporosis. I did not want to take the prescribed medication for fear of long-term side effects. My bone density had increased 18% 2 years ago with Bone-Up calcium and according to a test today, my bone density is a t score of -0.3, which is considered in the normal range.

by Carol

Great product much improvement on back and legs.

by debra rodatz

I really like this product. I did not have any more inflammation as a result of using it.

No help for me
by Carol

I have osteopenia. This product did not make my dexa scan any better.

The Simple Truth
by Justin

First of all, I hate drinking milk. My doctor always tells me that I need to get calcium in my diet. He recommended this product a year ago and I absolutely love it! I'm happy, my doctor is happy, and my bones are as strong as ever. Take it every single day, like I do, and you will see why it is rated as high as it is- it really works!

Science proves it
by Michelle

I was at a trade show once, and the booth next to me was a Jarrow booth. I had never heard of the company before, but started talking to one of the guys about their products. Well, as a scientist I am always skeptical, but when I saw the rodent studies they had done which proved the absorption of calcium I realized they were a company that knew what they were talking about. I have taken Bone Up every day since that meeting, and I know that I am taking a product that works.

Lactose Intolerant
by William Duong

I am not able to get my daily intake of dairy products because I am lactose intolerant, so there was almost no way to get calcium to help with my bone growth. I started using Bone Up and lately my bones have been feeling a lot less pain.

Bone Up Rules
by Eli

Bone Up is a great product for maintaining your bones strength. I mainly use it for prevention of osteoporosis and so my bones stay strong. I recommend it to anyone who doesn't get their daily calcium intake.

by EF

Calcium is an important supplement for everyone. This is a high quality, pure calcium product with added glucosamine which can further assist joint and bone health.

Two Thumbs Up for Bone Up!
by tasha

An awesome product from a very trustworthy manufacturer. I trust anything from the jarrow line to deliver results, as they have stood the test of time in the world of supplements. Not only are they excellent products, they are well-researched and are very affordable. Bone Up is a wonderful calcium formula, very absorbable, and it covers more than just your calcium needs. I have known elderly people, young and middle-aged women, male and female athletes to take Bone Up, all with complete satisfaction. MCHA is a very bio available form of calcium- the body responds well to it. Bone Up is fantastic for joint maintainence, as glucosamine acts as a cushion to the joints. In all, a fantastic way to supplement your bone and joint needs!

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