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Best Product
by Green

I like to take this because it doesn't taste terrible. Calcium is good for strong teeth and bones. Calcium is very essential for the body. Due to calcium deficiency I had severe leg cramps during pregnancy. The doctor suggested that I take calcium regularly and prescribed this medicine. I cannot believe that leg cramps were totally gone...I vote for this medicine. I love it..

Great !!
by Arvinder

Being at the stage of menopause I always felt the fear of joint pains or osteoporosis. My husband bought this product for me. This calcium supply has given strength to my bones and I feel that they have become stronger. Now I don't fear because of these joint problems and I run and enjoy life.

Calcium is Calcium
by Alex

This calcium product is just like any other Calcium product, however I do trust Nature's Way more than other brands. Like most other calcium supplements you can't feel them working, but I know by taking them I am saving myself from health risks like osteoporosis down the road.
I like the ease and effectiveness of taking two calcium pills a day, especially since I don't drink milk that often. Again, I can't judge how well it is working since calcium levels are hard to measure in the body without a doctor, but it certainly doesn't hurt to take extra calcium. I plan on using this product for years to come.

Calcium is great!
by cooldan

This is worth the money, it works great. If you don't get enough calcium in your daily diet, then this is a good substitute. I feel my bones getting stronger and I can really tell the difference.

You need your calcium
by Cindy B

I love Nature's Way products. I trust them to deliver what I need and they always do. Calcium is so important for every woman and I can think of no better way than to take 2 of these in the morning and then 2 more at dinner time. I know I do not eat nearly enough calcium, so I try to remember to take these every day. I really don't like dairy products and sometimes they bother my stomach. I have never had a problem with these.

Great Stuff
by toddm

This product was suggested by my doctor. It has been a fantastic source of calcium for my body. Don't be fooled by cheaper calcium products. In this case you get what you pay for.

a small investment for bone protection
by victoria

I have been taking calcium for about 5 years and I like this brand because it is affordable and gives you a sufficient dose of calcium. I usually only get 1-2 servings of dairy per day so this helps me round out the calcium that I do not get from my diet. Calcium is extremely important especially for women of all ages, those on diets, and for those who just don't get in their 3 glasses of milk per day.

Great product!
by Corri

Even though I'm young, due to a milk allergy, I know I do not get enough calcium in my diet. I started taking this supplement a few months ago and just love it. I love the easy to swallow capsules. I just know my bones are stronger! Highly recommended.

by Robert

I like to take this because it doesn't taste terrible, and if I can't have any calcium by eating milk or cheese for whatever reason, then this is the next best option.

Good value, good results
by trisha

Not being much of a milk drinker I was worried about not getting enough calcium in my diet everyday. I love cheese and yogurt but still needed more calcium. My doctor wanted me to try calcium supplements so I did a little research like reading labels and comparing mg per dose versus cost per use and decided this was the one I was going to try. I wasn't sorry I picked this one at all. It's a very easy way to supplement your calcium intake and that's very important when you reach menopause. You don't suffer from bone loss and end up with osteoporosis.

by stacy

A potential side effect of a medication I take is bone loss, so my doctor recommended a calcium supplement. I an satisfied with this product, it is very easy to take, and gentle on the stomach, and it is also reasonably priced.

Calcium builds bones
by Andrew

I have cut back on my milk intake considerably since I was young and decided I should get some calcium back in my diet. Easy to take and even helps calm my stomach.

Peace of mind, worth the price
by johnny h

I am lactose intolerant, so getting calcium for me has become a challenge without these capsules. It's easy to take, not too big, and you don't taste it because it is in capsule form. I like having the peace of mind that I am getting my calcium to help fight bone problems later on in life.

calcium to the rescue
by devla

As a woman, calcium is always important but I have had some difficulty finding a calcium that was right for me. This is really a great product because it is not only a great value, but it also doesn't have an unpleasant taste like other products tend to.

Good buy
by stacy

I am not a big milk drinker so getting calcium is hard for me since I am lactose intolerant as well. My doctor suggested that I try these. I was a bit wary at first since I have a very sensitive stomach. These worked great no side effects of stomach cramps. I would highly suggest this product.

Stronger Bones
by Tejas

I play soccer and get kicked in the shins a lot. After regularly taking Calcium pills the pain is not as intense. I don’t drink milk that often so this is a good replacement.

Essential Product
by Terasa

I found out my daughter was allergic to milk. She now drinks almond chocolate milk but will not drink the regular almond milk. She has a calcium deficiency because of the allergy so the doctor recommended putting her on a supplement. This seems to be working great for her. She takes it everyday and it is worth it.

Easy to take in
by hari

I used these some time back, as per my doctor's advice, and they are very easy to swallow and gentle on the stomach. Never had any problems and will use the same brand in the future.

by renuka

Calcium is good for strong teeth and bones. Calcium is very essential for the body. Due to calcium deficiency, I had severe leg cramps during pregnancy. My doctor suggested to me that I take calcium regularly, and he prescribed this medicine. I cannot believe that my leg cramps were totally gone. I vote for this medicine. I love it.


My doctor recommended that I start taking a Calium supplement. I tried different brands, but have found that the Nature's Way brand to be superior. I have difficulty swallowing some medications, but I have found the capsules to be very easy to swallow. They are also gentle on my stomach and have not caused me to experience any gastric upset.

I've been taking these for years
by cjthedog64

I know that I don't get enough calcium in my diet, so these make it easy to make up for. They're easy to swallow and don't have any icky aftertaste. I just take them with my other meds and don't worry about anything.

Nature's Way: Calcium Capsules
by hrd

These are easy to swallow capules that works just the same as some other ones in the market.
I use it for my daily need to calcium and the product does the job right. I haven't had any problem so far. I have used the brand for some products and do trust it.

Calcium Capsules
by Cathy Weaver

The capsules make this very easy to swallow. If dairy products leave you feeling congested, this twice-a-day capsule will take care of your calcium needs without the congestion. This is part of my daily regime.
Nature's Way is a product I trust to be pure and contain the dose stated on the package.

Calcium Citrate 500 mg
by Laura

I've been using this product for several years and I like the capsules. Some calcium brands are large tablets that are hard to swallow. Calcium is very important for strong bones and I can't handle dairy products so I need to get calcium some other way.

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