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by heink

I have problems with milk, so I started taking these pills as supplements. While it is hard for a normal user to track its efficiency, I can say as a "lactos intolerant" that this pill will help avoid embarrassing gas and trips to the toilet. Hopefully, it helps keeps my bones strong. But I'll leave that to the doctor. ONE NOTE HOWEVER, eat your vegetables, because if not, you will get constipated.

Highly recommended
by Kim

I have been taking calcium supplements for a couple of years, but my doctor recently suggested that I take a higher dose. It was either change my eating habits to include more dairy and juices or start taking supplements.
My husband ordered Calcium Citrate Malate a few weeks ago and I have been very pleased. My problem is usually swallowing the pills, but these are not as difficult for me as others. I have not had any side effects.
I highly recommend these for young adults as well as older adults. Its never too soon to take charge of your health.

For All Your Calcium Needs
by zingerhil

I worried that I wasn't getting enough calcium in my diet so I started investigating calcium supplements. My cousin swore by Calcium Citrate Malate so I gave it a shot. I'm still using it today! It gives me the peace of mind that my bones and teeth will stay strong, and I love the fact that it so readily absorbed.

Calcium - the easy way
by Gordy

My girlfriend was told by her doctor to start increasing her intake of Calcium. He specifically recommend calcium citrate malate for quick, easy absorption. We began our quest on finding her the best pills out there that were easy to swallow, effective, and affordable.

We found Calcium Citrate Malate by NSI at our local GNC and decided to give it a try. The advertised "UltrAbsorb Technology" was really a selling point because part of her problem was that it didn't appear that her body was absorbing actual dairy sources in an effective and efficient manner.

My girlfriend has a very hard time swallowing large pills as it irritates her gag reflex and makes it nearly impossible for her. Luckily, these capsules were moderate to small sized and easy for her to swallow with a single glass of water (an amazing achievement in itself!). Taking 5 in a day was not problem, so earlier qualms about so many capsules for her was not an issue.

Next, the effectiveness of the pills were top notch. On her next visit to the doctor, he remarked that her calcium levels had increased dramatically and all appeared to be moving in the right direction.

Finally, we found one bottle of this for roughly $15 out the door, and it lasted for about one month and a half. This definitely didn't hurt the wallet and was one of the more affordable brands out there.

Overall, I highly recommend anyone needing to increase their calcium intake to take a look at Calcium Citrate Malate by NSI because it is very effective and affordable.

Effective dosage of Calcium Citrate Malate
by TC

I learned from a friend who is attending medical school that not all calcium supplements are made the same. I particularly like this one because it contains calcium citrate malate, which is the most effective form of calcium. Your body readily absorbs all the benefits. I know I do not get enough calcium from my daily meals, so I depend on this to maintain strong bones and teeth. The supplement itself is actually quite large, and I can't swallow two at a time. They don't taste bad at all.

by C S R

When I was 16, I had cancer. They took out my thyroid and I have been on calcium pills ever since. For a very long time, I was on prescription stuff that was very expensive. I switched myself over to this after speaking with my doctor. Not only do I feel the same as with the prescription medicine, my doctor says that it works just as well for me and I save money.

Very Good
by Stacy

These are very good calcium pills. I have taken these for years and they are easy to take and work really well. This brand always produces quality minerals and vitamins.

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