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benefits of calcium
by tracey

I have started taking calcium, because I do not like dairy products, and have started feeling the aches and pains of arthritis. I have found this calcium to be very effective. It has decreased my menstrual cramps, along with the other arthritic like aches I had been feeling. I did not experience any side effects or difficulty in taking this supplement and would get it again.

Not Good for All Situations Involving Joints
by Barb Fleming

In the effort to maintain what joint health was left after 2 surgeries on my left jaw joint, also trying chondroitin and glucosamine, the severity of the damage to the joint outweighed what was possible for this supplement to help with. I took it for 2 months, saw no results.

No More Broken Bones
by Julia Willingham

My mom and I have been taking this ever since she broke her ankle. Her bone density was really bad. After a year, she took another bone density test and it was much better.

Helps me fight off osteoporosis
by Mary M.

I have been taking this calcium supplement for almost a year now, as osteoporosis runs in my family. Now that I'm 65, I wanted to try to impact how well I can live and stay active on my own for longer. I like this brand very much and the coral calcium is exactly what I take everyday. I've heard it will be good for my heart and circulation, too, so I like this better than trying to drink or eat dairy, as milk, cheese, and ice cream which give me stomach cramps and bloating. I think that in the long haul, I will do much better at postponing some of the diseases of aging that my own mother had to face as she got older. Being better informed about bone loss means I am now better able to take care of the problems before they start.

It is good for the price
by christiana

My doctor recommended calcium supplement for me and said it helps to achieve stronger bones. I've bought Nature Made for some time. It was good but expensive so I needed something affordable. I bought this coral calcium brand. I have been using it for quite sometime and have not had any problems with it. It is easy to swallow and most of all it does not leave any after taste on the mouth.

Wife notices nice improvement
by Robert

My forty-something year old wife recently was complaining of general aches in her bones and joints. One of her friends suggested a calcium supplement. We did the research and settled on this coral calcium product.
After a little over a month, my wife says the minor aches are gone, and she claims to have a new spring to her step!

Coral Calcium
by Loveit9050

Puritan's Pride makes great products and this is one of them. It's 100 percent pure coral calcium from Japan, which means it's not only great for you, it is natural. This product is a must for every woman over 30.

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