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Super nice product!
by Blueberry

It's chocolate and also a calcium supplement! That is more than enough to make me want to take it everyday. I was having Calcium deficiency and was looking for a nice OTC product to take. I never really liked any of the other tablets or chews. They tasted like chalk! I received some samples in the mail from this company and was amazed at these products. They are like no other Calcium tablets or chews and taste delicious. I wouldn't take anything else after this one!

A Healthy Treat!
by J

I first purchased calcium supplements (capsules) years ago at the recommendation from my doctor, but would always forget to take them. I do not have that problem with Adora Dark Chocolate suppliments. They are delicious and I actually LOOK FORWARD to taking them twice each day!
I will definitely continue to purchase this product. It is a treat to both my body and my taste buds!

It's dessert!
by TP

Who said that chocolate was bad for you?
I was amazed when I found this product. I am in my late 20s and not a big fan of milk. My doctor said that because of my calcium deficiency, it is likely that I will suffer joint problems when I grow up. He recommended that I start the Dark Chocolate Adora.
At first, I thought that this was going to taste horrible and nothing like chocolate. To my surprise, it was exactly like a Tootsie Roll.
I look forward to taking my calcium every day now. I've noticed improvement in my weight, because my doctor said that calcium helps with weight loss.
Hopefully, the long term result will be less aches when I get older.
I recommend this to anyone who's a chocoholic. It tastes great AND it's good for you. What do you have to lose?

Great Supplment
by Jane M.

Five stars because it is something I will not forget to take -- it is chocolate for heaven's sake! I usually am forgetful at times to take my vitamins/supplements, but I have these at my desk... and when I see chocolate, I go for it. I am not a milk drinker, and this is a great way to get my calcium in for the day. The taste is delicious!

dark chocolate ADORA
by sue

My daughter won't drink milk. She does love chocolate and ice cream. I started giving her the ADORA. At first she didn't like them very well because they were too chocolaty but she has adapted well. No arguments here getting the calcium she needs. I eat them too. I know I don't get enough calcium.

dark chocolate adora
by Barbara

This is a perfect product for kids that wont drink milk and dont eat enough dairy. I buy these regulary for my Grandkids.They think Nana is supercool for giving them
something that tastes awesome instead of bugging them to drink milk or eat more cheese. They love them and I sure feel better knowing their calcium needs are being taken care of.

Great tasting Calcium supplement
by momof2

My daughter refuses to drink milk, so we supplement her diet with dairy and other high calcium foods and beverages. I was worried she was still not getting enough calcium, so I picked up a bag of Dark Chocolate Adora for her. Well- they taste so good, I take them now too! There is no chalky taste and my little girl doesn't have to worry about trying to swallow a pill. It's hard to limit these to two a day- they are delicious!

Whats not to love
by L

You get an excuse to eat chocolate. Its great tasting and great for you. What more could you ask for. The price isn't bad for what you get also. I am a satisfied customer.

by Kyle

My son was advised by his doctor to begin taking more calcium. The only problem is he HATES pills. Luckily, I found this product and decided to give it a try. He loves it! He doesn't even know that he is taking something for calcium.. it's just a little treat for him.

by Sam

I love this product!! I love chocolate and boy does this treat satisfy it. I can give it to my child and she will gobble this up. It's so much better than the regular way of taking calcium. Since I'm on the depro shot, i have a greater chance of losing bone mass, so my doctor recommended me to take more calcium. I heard that this was a new way to take calcium and gave it a try, and I fell in love with this.

I LOVE These!
by Jen W.

I am really bad at swallowing pills, and the calcium pills I have taken in the past were huge. That is no longer a problem! These chews taste really good and I get my calcium without a pill. My mom has osteoporosis, and I am trying to avoid the same fate. These chews should have me well on my way.

Easy way to get your recommended calcium dose
by Annie

I recently bought this product and it takes just like chocolate, only not as sweet which I liked. This is a great way to get your recommended dose of calcium and ward off osteoporosis and arthritis in the future. You take it once a day and it's like a little treat. You wont' think of it as medicine or a pill you have to take. I loved it and now all of the women in my family are using it as well.

by Jaime

I've tried many different types of calcium products - chews, pills, multivitamins, etc - and this brand was one of the best. The dark chocolate tastes great and leaves no aftertaste. They also do not stick to your teeth; they have the same consistency as a normal block of chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Calcium.. yum!
by v

These Dark Chocolate Adoras are so incredibly tasty. I feel like I'm eating a candy bar, for sure. They are so good! Who knew that calcium would be such a pleasure to take? Although, I will admit that the price is really too much for the amount given... I don't mind it much. Being a major chocoholic, the price is worth it. I recommend these for any dark chocolate lover.

Delicious Adore
by Michael G.

I wanted to start adding more calcium to my diet so I decided to try Adora. This is an excellent and delicious way to add calcium to your diet. They taste really good for a supplement.

Choose chewable over pill
by Joyce

I prefer taking calcium in this manner as the large pills are hard for me to take. The flavor is great, too. Chocolate that's good for me. My doctor is happy and so am I!

by Wendy C

We should all be getting more calcium.... so why not put it in a form we are sure to eat? This dark chocolate (with antioxidants to boot) has the added bonus of being supplemented with calcium. The one drawback, eating too much of this chocolate seems to react badly digestively.

by Allison

This supplement is delicious. It tastes just like a candy bar. It has the texture of a candy bar as well and is not chewy like other chewable calcium supplements. If you like the taste of dark chocolate and you want to get more calcium in your diet then this product is for you.

Calcium Supplement
by HS

Who came up with the idea to put a Calcium Supplement in Chocolate? I love chocolate and if I can get my Calcium in while I'm eating chocolate, I like it even better. These taste great, and they are available at my local health food store or online!

Tastes great and easy to chew
by Candice

I have tried many chewable calcium supplements because I really do not like to swallow large pills. I have tried a few other brands and have been left with bitter aftertastes. Then I found this online! They taste great, you do not even believe they are supplements. This is the perfect way for me to get he calcium I need and the chocolate taste that I love.

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