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Dark Chocolate Adora

The luxurious taste of Dark Chocolate and the benefits of Calcium with Adora Dark Chocolate. These gourmet treats provide exceptional taste and each piece combines all-natural chocolate with a unique blend of 500mg of Calcium plus Vitamins D2 and K1. For most people, taking two Adoras a day will meet the recommended daily allowance for calcium. Adora, Calcium the Gourmet Way.
Product: Dark Chocolate Adora
Brand: Thompson Candy (More Products)
Size: 60 Count
Dosage: 2 Daily
Retail: $14.98
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20 Customer Reviews

Super nice product!
by Blueberry

It's chocolate and also a calcium supplement! That is more than enough to make me want to take it everyday. I was having Calcium deficiency and was looking for a nice OTC product to take. I never really liked any of the other tablets or chews. They tasted like chalk! I received some samples in the mail from this company and was amazed at these products. They are like no other Calcium tablets or chews and taste delicious. I wouldn't take anything else after this one!

A Healthy Treat!
by J

I first purchased calcium supplements (capsules) years ago at the recommendation from my doctor, but would always forget to take them. I do not have that problem with Adora Dark Chocolate suppliments. They are delicious and I actually LOOK FORWARD to taking them twice each day!
I will definitely continue to purchase this product. It is a treat to both my body and my taste buds!

It's dessert!
by TP

Who said that chocolate was bad for you?
I was amazed when I found this product. I am in my late 20s and not a big fan of milk. My doctor said that because of my calcium deficiency, it is likely that I will suffer joint problems when I grow up. He recommended that I start the Dark Chocolate Adora.
At first, I thought that this was going to taste horrible and nothing like chocolate. To my surprise, it was exactly like a Tootsie Roll.
I look forward to taking my calcium every day now. I've noticed improvement in my weight, because my doctor said that calcium helps with weight loss.
Hopefully, the long term result will be less aches when I get older.
I recommend this to anyone who's a chocoholic. It tastes great AND it's good for you. What do you have to lose?

Great Supplment
by Jane M.

Five stars because it is something I will not forget to take -- it is chocolate for heaven's sake! I usually am forgetful at times to take my vitamins/supplements, but I have these at my desk... and when I see chocolate, I go for it. I am not a milk drinker, and this is a great way to get my calcium in for the day. The taste is delicious!

dark chocolate ADORA
by sue

My daughter won't drink milk. She does love chocolate and ice cream. I started giving her the ADORA. At first she didn't like them very well because they were too chocolaty but she has adapted well. No arguments here getting the calcium she needs. I eat them too. I know I don't get enough calcium.

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