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Chromium Picolinate 200 mcg

Chromium is an essential mineral. This high-potency product delivers 800 mcg of Chromium as Chromium Picolinate per serving, which is 667% of the Daily Value established for this nutrient. It comes in a yeast-free formula.

Product: Chromium Picolinate 200 mcg
Brand: Puritan's Pride (More Products)
Size: 100 tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet daily
Retail: $6.49
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9 Customer Reviews

by sharon malone

I have used this product in the past. It is great for weight maintenance. It helps to regulate your metabolism which is great.

Helps maintain healthy metabolism
by Ivy S.

Chromium is an essential elemental nutrient found in only very low amounts in the foods we eat. It works in the body with the hormone insulin to regulate metabolism and process fat, proteins and carbohydrates more efficiently. When combined with, or bound to, natural picolinate, chromium is better absorbed and reduces the amount of glucose that remains in the blood stream, burning it as energy instead, therefore less glucose (sugar) will be stored as fat. Hence it's reputation as an aid in weight maintenance. Picolinate is found naturally in mother's breast milk and is quite valuable, as it aids in chromium's being better absorbed by the body.

I started using the Puritan's Pride Chromium Picolinate in 1998, after noticing a vague general feeling of tiredness, and being run down, coupled with a slight weight gain, despite eating normally. After checking me for diabetes and thyroid disease, my doctor recommended multivitamins, a healthier low-fat diet, exercise, and more rest. However, I still felt washed out, puffy, depressed, and obviously slightly heavier around the middle, so I decided to search out natural supplements that might help with mid life weight gain due to a lowered metabolism and might also help me feel better over-all. I chose the Puritan's Pride brand for it's high reputation for quality and the bonus that this product contains no yeast, which can cause bloating, gas and allergies for many people.

Since taking the product I have found my general outlook has gone up, and the fatigue symptoms have disappeared almost completely. My weight has gone down a moderate amount, around a loss of 9 pounds, and I believe the supplement has helped regulate my slower metabolism which may, with long term use, stop further weight gain and allow me to maintain higher energy levels and stay in better health longer.

If you have any concerns with high sugar levels in your blood, or symptoms such as weight gain or feelings of being washed out, those hints that your metabolism has dropped as you have gotten older, this product is a good and safe place to start changing your lifestyle and health without a huge investment of either time or money. Very reasonably priced, only one needed per day, and safe for most people, Puritan's Pride Chromium Picolinate is a natural alternative to traditional diet pills that may contain stimulants which are dangerous and just cause more problems with one's health. An easy way for busy adults to maintain a healthy metabolism by naturally controlling blood sugar levels, storing less fat, and feeling more energetic as well!

Great for Diabetes
by Alma

I bought these vitamins for my husband who has diabetes. I researched data on this disease and it claimed that chromium picolinate helped the pancreas metabolize sugar. I also had a friend who swore by these to lose weight. He has been taking them and his diabetic symptoms such as blurry vision and lightheadedness have all but disappeared. He takes them every morning with his breakfast and he swears by them.

Did not work.
by William Duong

When I got chromium supplement I thought that I would be getting a great weight loss mineral that would allow me to lose my love handles. I followed the instructions for almost 2 weeks, however I did not notice any difference.

Does work well fro some middle aged spread issues and maintaining weight loss
by Jenny

I searched for this product in the weight loss section of the site, but was surprised not to find it there as my oldest brother has taken the supplement for more than 15 years and thinks it's the greatest boon to middle aged and older folks' weight problems ever found. He doesn't think it's a miracle cure exactly, but simply a dependable, natural, and simple way around the smallish bulges many of us get as we age, rather ungracefully at times. I'm 56 and my brother is 18 years older than I am, but looks much younger due to his increased fitness and trim physique. He started me and one of my sisters on Chromium Picolinate as well, and although I only was able to take it for three weeks due to a conflict with a prescription drug I had to go on, I did see some encouraging results, losing over 5 pounds in that short length of time. My brother, however, lost over 20 pounds in the early 1990's over a period of around 6 months, not a huge loss , nor a particularly fast one, but for him it meant a great deal as middle aged spread and decreased metabolism we all face at a certain age had set in and he had added a few pounds each and every year without being able to stop the slow but sure weight gain, even though his caloric intake had decreased over the years. With the Chromium Picolinate he managed to lose the weight without cutting further calories or increasing his exercise to any great degree, just his normal daily walks and his bowling. The major thing is the fact that he has MAINTAINED the slightly more than 20 pound weight loss all these years, which is difficult for most dieters, if not impossible. He says he never misses taking his Chromium Picolinate and credits it with giving him the ability to manage his weight when nothing else seemed to work consistently. He especially likes that the product seems to "stand alone" and feels the other ingredients often added to other diet supplement products are merely "garbage fillers" or useless herbal concoctions, and sometimes dangerous ones, at that, and believes that if this is what works for him, especially to maintain the weight loss, that most middle aged or older adults should at least give it a try as it's usually very safe for most people. He was the first person to get me started buying so many of my vitamins and supplements made by Puritan's Pride and the brand is very trustworthy and high quality. He also likes that as a naturally occurring essential mineral, that this supplement is one less thing he needs to worry over long term safety issues. He feels his 15 years of taking the product, coupled with it's being a natural substance that's actually good for your body, instead of some unknown chemical compound, speaks for it's dependability and safety over time. It may not work for everyone, but for the majority of those with a slowed down metabolism due to increasing age in middle years, it's well worth a try.

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