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Colloidal Silver Liquid

We invite you to experience the difference that colloidal minerals can make in your life. This mineral supplement is composed of minute particles of silver that are electromagnetically charged and suspended in pure deionized water. Our vegetarian, chemical-free formula contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives. Unlike other colloidal minerals that are made by chemical treatments, our Colloidal Silver is a pure, all natural mineral supplement. Adults can take one teaspoon (5 ml) daily, preferably between meals, or product may be applied topically. Best when taken alone; may be mixed with water or juice.

Product: Colloidal Silver Liquid
Brand: Puritan's Pride (More Products)
Size: 4 oz
Dosage: 1 teaspoon daily
Retail: $17.95
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3 Customer Reviews

Not colloidal silver
by Paul

I bought this to apply to cuts and found out that this product is silver protein and not true colloidal silver. In a nutshell, true colloidal silver is TINY particles of the element silver. This is large particles of silver bound by a protein. The large particle size makes it ineffective as a bactericide and the protein also prevents the silver from coming into contact with bacteria to kill them. The protein can actually allow bacteria to grow in the silver solution.
Ingesting silver protein can turn your skin gray because of the high concentrations and large size of the silver. At least this is only 3 parts per million. I still threw it away as its antibiotic properties are really questionable. Read the label -it says colloidal silver as silver protein.

Colloidial Silver
by Paula

I have an indoor miniature Chow Chow dog and a few years ago she developed sores on her back. I took her to the vet and he said she had dry skin and the shampoo I was using on her made these sores worse. He suggested to use Colloidal Silver liquid on these sores and within a week or so they were healed. Since then she hasn't had any problems, but I keep the Silver on hand and I have also used it myself on scrapes and cuts which seemed to heal quicker than putting nothing on them.

A Treasure in the Medicine Cabinet!
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

My mom was sick and just couldn't kick it. She tried all her normal effective remedies of echinachea/goldenseal, Vit. C. , extra zinc, salinespray, etc. all to no avail. A visit to her Doctor for antiobiotics also proved fruitless, as the Doctor diagnosed that she had a VIRUS, for which there isn't an antiobiotic. Go home and rest, drink fluids until it passes.

My mom usually has the energy of the roadrunner, so this was very discouraging to her. Her chiropractor suggested she try this Colloidal Silver. He knew she was a regular Puritan Pride shopper.

She said that within 24 hours, she felt remarkably better and within 48 or less, she was good as new.

When I later bought a different brand from my GNC. We noticed my brand had MUCH higher PPM's than this Puritan's Pride brand. Mine also seemed to work even faster.

On the other hand, we liked that hers has a convenient dropper and the company often has two bottles for the price of one sales! Also it came in a little dark bottle which I read was supossed to help preserve the integrity and quality of the product. My brand came in a plastic bottle. So theere were pros and cons to both. BOTH sure were effective, either way!

I was afraid to try it. Liquid silver sounded horrible to me. You might be relieved to know, as I was, it is colorless, odorless and tasteless.

1 Customer Opinions

" it works "
by Frank

a few yrs ago My Gf was the woman that told me i gotta use this it cleanses you all out your glands will not be swullen /ache / watch u say its every other yr you get sick or sum kinda bug gets ya .. EVER SiNCE i started i NEVER GET SiCK .GLANDS are normal, throat is NEVER SORE ...CPL drops in the nasal canal straight down does the work it was meant to do ..flushes bad stuff out continues on through shielding my body from it's the BeSt i've used & have several other top name ones too ...