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Problem Skin Caution
by SierraK

This product is great for anyone needing iodine supplementation, but it comes with one caution. Anyone prone to acne should be very careful when supplementing with iodine, especially in high dosages.
Excessive iodine is partially eliminated through sweat. Too much iodine makes acne worse by exacerbating pore-clogging anytime iodine-containing sweat appears on skin. So, if you are acne-prone and also regularly exercise, please check with your doctor or dermatologist before using any iodine supplements.

Increase iodine intake without increasing blood pressure
by Jamie

I gave this product to my father when he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. He did not have to consume table salt to get the benefits of iodine, which made managing his high blood pressure easier. Overall, he was impressed with the product because it made the transition to a low sodium diet easier for him.

Kelp helped my Anemia
by Charisse

Anemia runs in my family and I was determined to bring up my iron levels on my own. I started adding Kelp to my diet and amazingly, within two weeks my iron count was normal. I always take Kelp to make sure that I have a healthy level of iron in my blood.

Good mineral supplement.
by spriya

I have used Kelp capsules for my daughter to increase the iodine intake. It has good combination of required minerals and it really suited well for my daughter. It also helped her in treating indigestion and heartburn problems.

by Brian R.

These kelp pills were helpful to me because I wanted to get iodine intake, and do not like using ordinary table salt. These pills also seemed to help my digestion, while lowering my heartburn when taken with a good amount of water.

Low Iodine
by Shreyas Patel

They added iodine to salt because many people began to get sick from low iodine which wouldn't allow the thyroid gland to produce Thyroxin for your metabolism. Without this I think I would have had a problem because of my low iodine intake. This helped and was able to allow me to eat normally without worrying about indigestion and other things.

by Christy R

I tried taking these because I felt that I had lower energy and I also had some white spots on my nails which a friend said suggested an iodine deficiency (I now don't think this is true). I kept taking the pills even after I found out that the iodine deficiency wasn't causing the white spots because I felt better when I was taking it- I had a higher energy level and I was less tired at the end of the day. The supplement really did make a difference in making me feel stronger and have more energy and I wouldn't want to give that up.

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