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Floradix Iron + Herbs

Iron is essential for hemoglobin formation and for the effective circulation of oxygen throughout the body. Without adequate levels of iron in the blood, one will be left feeling lethargic and tired. Women are more likely to suffer from anemia and low blood-iron because menstruation, pregnancy and breastfeeding tax their iron stores. Vegetarians are at higher risk of developing iron deficiency and so are those who eat little red meat.
Product: Floradix Iron + Herbs
Brand: Flora (More Products)
Size: 8.5 Fluid Ounces Liquid
Retail: $25.49
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1 Customer Reviews

floradix iron and herbs
by Jessica

This was very helpful to me during pregnancy. I had low iron, but within a month of taking this, my iron levels were back to normal. In fact, within a week or two, I felt like I had all my energy back. I was told this was more easily absorbed than what you get in a typical tablet, and I believe it. I had none of the usual side effects of iron supplementation, which I suppose is due to the good absorption rate of this product. The flavor could be better, but if you wash it down with some juice, it's not bad.