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by Tiff

My mom always had a low iron level when she was pregnant and her doctor recommended these for her during her pregnancy and her iron levels stayed perfect where they should be the whole time. Iron 18 Is found at almost all GNC Vitamin stores and is an excellent iron supplement. It helps form healthy red blood cells, transports the oxygen, and helps your energy. I highly recommend this product to anyone that has low iron. It's a great product for the price!

Iron 18-100
by C

A few years ago, I spoke to my doctor about my low energy levels. She mentioned that I was slightly anemic and I might want to consider taking an iron supplement. After speaking with a friend, who I consider pretty knowledgeable in nutrition, I made a trip to my local GNC and purchased Iron 18. I only take half the recommended dose when not menstruating and the full dose otherwise. Since taking the iron supplement, I noticed that my energy level is much more consistent during the course of a month.

Good For Pregnancy
by Annalisa

My sister always becomes anemic when she is pregnant, and is low on iron. Her doctor recommended these for her during her last pregnacy and her iron levels stayed perfect the whole time. Definitely recommended!

Improves blood count
by vsb

I have a bad blood count and I used to feel very sick due to that. On my friend's advice I have started taking Iron-18 tablets. After using for some time I really felt the difference. It also helped in improving my immune system. I think this is a good natural source of iron for people with less blood count.

by Eli

When I found out my son was deficient in iron, I bought him these tablets. He was hesitant to take them but he finally did. When we visited the doctor for another visit, we were told that he was back to a normal state.

Need Iron
by Lori

When my Doctor told me my iron count was low, he recommended Iron 18-100 tabs, and I've been taking these daily. My count is normal now. I really hate taking pills, but these are easy to take without any problems.

by Jaime

I started taking this the last time I was pregnant. I asked my doctor, and she said that it would be fine. It kept my iron levels where they should be the entire time I was pregnant.

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