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by Trial and Error

This is a product that cannot be judged for everyone by anyone. Individual analysis is generally always necessary for supplementary products; especially for us poor anemic folk. Some forms of iron work better for some and poorly for others. I have tried all makes and manners of iron supplements, and found this one to be a great match for myself. I absorbed this form and saw elevated iron levels when no other form would budge it. Trial and error is the only way to find what works best for each of us. Good luck to everyone.

...not so hot
by Mark

This is one of those pills which you can't really notice a difference while using. I have never noticed a change in health. It is good to know I am getting extra Iron in my diet though, and this product is fairly priced. I usually shop at GNC for my vitamins, so it is quite convenient to get.

Waste of money
by Alex Grossman

This product was a complete waste of my money. My girlfriend has suffered from a iron deficiency for a long time this was one of the the products we were recommend. I have to tell you it was complete was of money! It didn't help a thing she still had headache's and had no energy. Don't, I repeat, don't get this product.

Take while menstrating.
by Cydney

My niece's monthly periods are very heavy and causes her to get weak and tired. She told me she takes these pills a few days prior and during her period and they make her feel better. She recommend that you drink more water while taking them and not to take them on an empty stomach.

by rao

Due to a dietary deficient anemia, I will need to take iron supplements the rest of my life. These are the best so far that I have ever taken because they do not upset my stomach and absorb well enough to have my lab work show normal.

Not effective
by S. Grevious

It was recommended that I take these because I was very anemic and still am. This supplement is not effective. I should have known that because of the price. This supplement made me very nausea and slight dizzy. I took them for about 2 weeks, but my body just couldn't seem to adjust to them. It also has an after taste. I do not recommend this supplement.

Keep Moving
by Kim

This product may be beneficial to women who do not have serious iron intake problems. I on the other hand have had anemia for years. The milligrams in this product were too low to benefit me. I also could not get use to the after taste it left in my mouth. Consult with your doctor before trying this. My doctor suggested that I try a generic brand, which provided me with more pills for the money and higher milligrams. I suggest that everyone shop around before buying this product.

Be careful when you take iron!
by Jessika Abramson

I took these iron supplements about one year ago and had terrible side effects! Awful heartburn accompanied by acid reflux that I can attribute to these iron pills. I had no ill side effects when taking iron pills made by other brands, but that could have been a coincidence. Be cautious when taking iron if you routinely get heartburn.

not as good as should be for $$$$$$
by Donia

I have taken these and they are not very beneficial as other similar items at lower prices. I would suggest reading the label before you buy these. These have a very strong taste and were hard for me to take. I literally gagged every time I had to take them. I would look elsewhere and suggest you save your money.

Wouldnt choose again
by Dee

I am very low in iron and have to always take iron pills. My friend had recommend these as the ones she takes daily. After taking them for 30 days I went in for my routine test and found out they barely did a thing, worse than my generic iron pill and three times as much in cost! They taste bad (my pills have no taste) and not very helpful!

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