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Just started these
by Pattie

I have been feeling terrible lately during this pregnancy, even though I am on prenatal vitamins. My OB recommended that I take iron supplements and gave me a few samples of these Nature's Way pills. I grumbled that I didn't want to take any more pills, but I took them anyway. After the first few days I could feel the difference in my energy level and overall health and now I have no problem taking just one more pill to feel better!

Need Iron
by Green

When my doctor told me my iron count was low, he recommended Iron 18-100 tabs, and I've been taking these daily. My count is normal now. I really hate taking pills, but these are easy to take without any problems.

Great help
by CN

I needed iron supplements with my pregnancies. This one worked well, and didn't cause me the bowel problems that another one did in the past. I don't know if that was due to other factors or not, but I was just pleased to not have any problems.

Good Product
by Amanda

I few years ago I was having some health problems and found out I was anemic. My doctor recommended this product to me, after a few weeks I started to feel so much better. I would definetly recommend this product.

Great for pregnancy
by Alicia Bunner

I needed iron badly during my first pregnancy. My doctor said that this product was just as good as any of the more expensive brands, so why didn't I try that first. It worked great and helped my with some of my "weird" cravings. It is very economical and I could get it without the hassle of a prescription.

Solved my anemic problem.
by Theepa

My gynecologist recommended this product to me when I was pregnant. My diet lacked in iron food, and this was a great source of iron supplement. The brand is very cheap and five bottles lasted my entire pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

So far helping me
by S. Grevious

I am very anemic and I have just started taking this brand. I have been taking this brand for about a week and a half now. They haven't made me nauseous or dizzy. I am not scheduled to see the doctor until the end of next month, but so far I can feel that they are helping me. I am usually cold a lot. I have been cold but not as much. So far so good.

Great for anemia
by Candice

Back in high school, a long long time ago, I fainted. After my mother picked me up and took me to the Dr for a check up, we went to the store for these for my anemic spell. Well, I've been taking them ever since simply out of habit and have yet to have a fainting spell! They especially came in handy when I had my kids!

Good iron supplement.
by spb

I started taking this iron supplement after i am diagnosed with iron deficiency. It really helped me to improve my blood count. I didn't have any side effects after taking this. In my opinion this is an excellent natural iron supplement for everybody.

Very helpful
by ljmc

I took this after an accident that left me with extremely low blood counts. I was instructed by my drs. how to take it to basically help keep me alive. Most iron supplements will stop you up but I very rarely had this problem with this one. It really only took about 3 months for me to get back to where I needed to be. Last time I had my iron checked, the words they used were "You have a count like a lumberjack" even throughout pregnancy it stayed in the great range.

Very beneficial
by Jessica

I love this product, because I don't feel sick after taking it. The pills go down very easy and it's a reasonable price. I used to take other iron pills that used to hold up my bowels for weeks and it was very uncomfortable, but this product lets me stay regular while still giving me that iron I need. I will buy this product again.

Taking it daily
by NTReviewer

My last tests showed that I had a small iron deficiency, so my mom purchased this for me. I take it daily and have found it easy to incorporate into my supplement routine. There is no bad taste, no side effects, and and I look forward to seeing a change in my next test results.

No constipation
by Karen O.

I recently switched from my previous iron pills to these. I was told to take them because of my low blood count. I was trying different brands because I had a problem with constipation while taking them. I was very pleased with this brand because I was not getting constipated with this brand like I was with alot of other brands.

Very important during pregnancy and post partum.
by Amanda

I took this supplement throughout my pregnancy and continue to take it now at 6 months post par tum. Having a baby depletes your body's iron stores, and it can take up to a year to replenish them. This is a great supplement for preventing anemia.

good iron supplement
by Kelly Morris

I take an iron supplement because I'm a vegetarian and I'm concerned I may not get enough iron from my diet. I've been a vegetarian for many years and have tried many different iron supplements. This is the best I've found. For some reason, it doesn't cause any nausea or constipation which I've found to be a problem with some iron supplements. I can highly recommend it.

A must for women
by Michele Fair

As a woman, it's important to get an extra dose of Iron in every day if possible. I like the Nature's Way brand the best because the dosage is just enough and not too much, and they come in very easy to swallow capsules that make taking my iron a lot simpler.

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