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by gangadhar

I am very satisfied with this product. It is amazing how my body responds to this Iron supplement.

Good on most levels
by Jeremy P

Back in 2004, after my wife gave birth to my youngest daughter, she was prescribed iron supplements due to her low blood-iron count. Since my older sister also suffers from low iron she suggested this and it was almost exactly as advertised. I noticed an almost instant boost in my wife's energy level which was impressive considering how low it was years prior. She didn't want to sleep a lot during the day and wasn't as cranky by mid-afternoon when her blood sugar levels would drop. The price is wonderful and the only complaint my wife ever had is that she relies on a fiber supplement now to help her stay regular. This stuff is an absolute life saver and I try my BEST to keep some around.

Good for Everyone
by Kas

This product is not only affordable and easy to find but a great product for everyone. I have always had problems with my iron levels and my doctor finally told me to add a supplement to my diet as I wasn't getting enough through food alone. I picked this brand because I knew it well and the next time I went to the Dr., my iron was fine! I have felt better and it is an easy dose to take, not several pills each day.

Easy Iron
by Amie

When I am pregnant my iron falls below acceptable levels. My doctor told me to go get an iron sample. The deals you can get from Puritan's Pride lead me in their direction. This was easy to take - at times I would be nauseous after taking one but I can't attribute it directly to the pill (it may have been the pregnancy.) Regardless - the next time they tested my blood the iron was in the acceptable range. Got the job done at a great price!

An Energy Boost
by Lynne Parker

In 2000, I was diagnosed as being anemic so my hematologist advised me to start taking three iron supplements a day. I did this for almost a year and my energy level and blood count subsequently rose. I cut down to 1 a day and have been taking that ever since and thank goodness, it has really helped keep me healthy.

It's iron
by pianogoosie

This works as well as any iron supplement would. It gives you the iron you need. I would not make a special trip to go out and buy it. I would recommend this to all people who are anemic.

Good product
by smitha

I used to be very anemic especially during my pregnancy. My doctor prescribed me to have this. I did feel nauseated whenever I had this product but it surely did bring up my iron levels. I remember being constipated a few times but I was back to normal within a few days.

easy to use
by Karen Holloway

I have a problem with becoming anemic easily, however I have a problem with taking the iron that my doctor had prescribed. So I asked the pharmacist and he recommended these. I take them with a glass of milk. These do not make me sick like the ones I was taking prior to these. They are great.

It's OK
by KimP

I took this during both of my pregnancies and it worked great to help give me that boost of Iron that I needed. I did get very constipated from it though. I guess that goes with taking Iron. Other than the constipation it worked great!

A good Product
by Jen W.

My doctor discovered my low iron levels about a year ago, and asked me to begin taking iron to even things out. Many brands that I tried made me feel very ill. However, this product really is easy on the belly. It has kept my iron levels where they need to be without making me feel sick.

by suzanne M

I take these during my monthly because I tend to get a little anemic and very tired (low on energy). I can tell a big differance when I take these. They help me with the energy and sleepyness, big time! I DO recommend you either eat or take these with milk or you will get an upset tummy...great product!

it is ok
by shilpi tandon

I have been low on iron since long ago. A friend of mine recommended this easy iron as it had worked well for her. But, after taking it for 2 months I did not find any improvement in my iron level. But the point I liked was that it did not upset my stomach as other iron tablets do.

it worked wonderful during my pregnancy
by renuka

I took this during my pregnancy. I had iron deficiency during my pregnancy. The doctor suggested for me to take one daily. It worked really great. My iron level increased during my last trimester. This is very gentle on the stomach. It didn't cause any constipation.

Love Easy Iron
by Joan Jones

I have restless leg syndrome and when I read up on it, the information said iron deficiency could be the cause. I got this easy iron 28 mg and in the evening, when my legs start wanting to move around, I take one of these. Almost immediately, my symptoms quit. It's like a miracle! RLS was keeping me up at night, but when I take one of these iron pills, I have no more problems.

Taking iron with other vitamins or foods can interfere with absorption so being able to take Easy Iron is great as it doesn't upset my stomach.

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